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Xavier Horovitz

The Potential Problem in Grand Theft Auto Online

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I mean for this to be a serious discussion, so please keep all petty and childish claims out of the thread. And yes, this is a "wall of text" as some would call it. I can only imagine these people have never actually had to read anything on an academic level, being that this only takes a minute or two to read. Just, uh, leave the thread if you hate reading, I guess.
Grand Theft Auto Online is ambitious. There's no denying that. As excited for it as I am, I've got some fears that it won't be everything it could be. My fears stem from something that I'm certain not everyone thinks about, but probably should consider. For the purposes of this argument, I'll be focusing on the idea of instances. To clarify, instances are privatized areas that are technically part of the game world, but are limited to yourself and potentially those you invite.
For example, the player housing. There will obviously be a limited number of housing options, and there will be many times when you share a game session with someone who has purchased the same residence as yourself. The game will handle this in that you enter the instanced version of the residence that pertains to you (it will definitely differ provided we are given the option to customize our homes, which I hope is the case). From here, you can invite other players into the instance. If you're inside your home and someone else who owns the home enters, they enter their own instance that is set apart from yours. This is all very clear and obvious to most people, but more importantly, it works. It works out of the necessity of the situation. It has to be done this way or there will be game-breaking issues.
Let's talk about the core problem here. Varying hints and phrases have led me to believe that other parts of GTA Online will also be instanced, such as missions and heists. This is particularly disappointing. It offers a disconnect in what GTA Online should probably be, which is a primarily social experience backed by an open-ended "risk vs. reward" scenario. Say you're coming out of a bank with a score. You've just pulled off a pretty good heist with a few of your crew members, and you're feeling pretty damn good about it. As you're walking to your getaway car, it explodes. You enter a state of panic as shots begin to ring out. Some other crew got wind of your heist and now wants the cash for themselves. Dynamic situations like these cannot occur with instanced scenarios, and it's pretty heartbreaking.
Rockstar likes to throw out the word "persistent" when referring to GTA Online. I feel like we're only getting half of the definition when we're constantly forced to exit a free roam mode to go do missions and heists that could just as easily stay within the main world of a free roam. Where's the challenge? The social aspect? This is one of the few things separating heists and missions from being stale and repetitive. Instead of just taking the score and outrunning the cops, you have the potential to be held up even further by real players and engage in epic scenarios.
The common argument against this is that people don't want others "ruining their fun." Rockstar has already confirmed that you cannot mess with people while they are playing Golf and Tennis, and I'm sure those won't be the only protected activity. I'm not sure why we are being subjected to this overdramatic casualization of something that could be real next-level stuff, but it definitely brings down my hype levels.
We'll know more come Tuesday, of course, but what do YOU think?



I think they have to consider the fun factor, the difference between GTAO and real life is there are no drastic consequences, it's just a game, so people act out more, and do drastic things that they would never do in in real life. Too much of this leads to chaos. Therefore it makes it difficult to regulate if everything was left open. They have to find some balance. I guess we'll find out on Oct 1. :p


You make some valid points about heists and so forth let's keep our fingers crossed that it's a good experience for everyone.

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Folks, we can close this discussion up. Regardless of what we think is better, some guy has confirmed some things.


Heists are instanced, but you do get thrown right back into free roam for the getaway. You are, however, placed in a random free roam that has no one around the area though (the game will search for one).


Good discussion here.


What's the source for that comment quoted?


Given some thought to these potential issues faced, personally I like the idea of a crew trying to take down another crew's hard work, that makes the game tactical, and therefore picking the right roles for the right guys in the crew would be key.


I'd like to see the following situation arise, two crews in one free mode, both going to hit the same bank. In the same lobby another few players are in the background. Anyways there's a shoot out, and one crew get's in the bank first, cops are everywhere, and the defeated crew regroup and decide they're going to try and camp outside. The crew doing the hard work inside the bank, are fully stocked with money, they're getaway driver is primed outside and ready to go. The regrouped crew see this and decide he's the target and so go for the attack to take out the getaway, however he was just a decoy, meanwhile using some good map knowledge, the real getaway driver moves into position picks them, whilst a look out in a helicopter provide cover and support.


That sounds perfect, but there will be chaos and things won't go to plan. But that's exactly what we should all want chaos and the need to be tactical and smart. The thought of going into a bank and then coming out in a whole different free mode lobby, doesn't sound good to me.

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Yeah because a few fools threatened to ruin others games,


Test drive handled instancin

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