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So bored, didn't even play today, beat the game 3 days ago...

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f*ck you hype.


f*ck you Xbox1988 you mean. You're the one that expected 20 virgins to descend from heaven instead of a current generation console game.

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Joined: 5 days ago

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Everyone on this forum is so negative. I'm loving this game and i'm only about 40% done with it. I can easily say this is my favorite GTA out of ALL of the GTA games (take that SA fanboys :lol: )

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You're 25, like me. I think at our age games just dont have that fun factor anymore. I feel like this series hasnt changed much in the past 12 years aside from visuals. Its a great game in its own right I guess. Guess I'm just growing out of games in general.

There isn't a maximum age limit to enjoy games you moron. In fact, the average age of people who play video games is over 25. Don't try & come on here to sound all superior with your "I've outgrown games" bollocks, as that's like saying "I've outgrown movies" or "I've outgrown music". In fact, for a 25 year old, you sound positively immature.

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Another one of these threads. I'll say it again: wait for online you baby. I agree sp is a little dull after the story. But was iv any better in sp after you beat it? No not really. We had multiplayer right away.

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I'm at 22% and just met Trevor after the first heist.

Played 15 hours so far. Taking it slow since I didnt renewed my Gold (and therefore I have no GTA Online) cause of the next gen :)

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I been playing the game since it came out have about 40+ hour still haven't finished the main story. It's the best GTA ever and the one of the best games ever created there is so much content to keep me busy for another 40+ hours in single player and on top of that the online portion is coming out.

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Colleague of mine is also bitching about the game, "Boring bleh bleh bleh".


He finished it twice now, myself im still on my first playthrough and still have 21 main story missions to go.

The game is not about rushing to the end of the story, for me its about having fun, that can mean taking a super sports car to the top of mount chiliad, taking a bike and riding it from the south to the north, killing a cop and enjoying a 45 min car chase, etc etc.

oh fyi, im 41, so this..you get bored with games at ## is bullcrap, its all about you, not your age.

I play about 2 hours almost every day from, and have 45 hours into it, and its still a lot of fun, my friends and i cant wait for multiplayer.

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I'm the same but I did just play through the story twice so that's about 80 hours in the space of a week.


I haven't played for a couple days now. I still have all the side missions to do so I'll definitely be picking it up again to get through all them. It's just the whole car/property thing that's let me down. It's a mess. The only car that shows up at my safehouse is the ones that I started off the game with. There's no point parking cars in the garage because they don't stay there. If I want a car I bought online (why would I do this if I can just steal it?) then I need to go to the OTHER garage first to pick it up. Same kind of thing with hangars. I bought one then a couple planes...I could have just stole a plane and stuck it in my hangar.


Then there's properties. Some you can't even afford (golf club) and the cheap ones only give sh*tty income so you don't make a profit for a long ass time. Also, it's just businesses you buy. I thought we were going to buy safehouses but looks like that's online only.


Apart from that...the game is great. Once the story is over it's hard to make money. Sure you can rob stores, security vans and do other stuff but it's pocket change. You get a few hundred $ for a store and $5-8000 for robbing a security truck. The stock market is useless once the story ends. I have $109-114m for each character and it's not worth buying anything except weapons/ammo and car mods.


That's just my thoughts. I'll definitely be playing the game again as it's a huge improvement over IV. I just feel burnt out right now. Rockstar could fix all these things: sort car storage...get rid of the other garage and just use the safehouse one. show 2 cars and then when we go in have a prompt come up to select what car we want to drive, make some cars/planes very rare that you need to buy them or don't let us store stolen cars, increase prices for robbing stores/vans, make the LCN market change more often so we can actually play the market and make money once the game ends.

Edited by one55

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