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The truth about GTA V

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"In my opinion the single player was rushed, unfinished and it lacks too many things"


Well... I am actually disappointed by the game and you said straight to the top.. it's really feels unfinished and I mean you don't even have anything to do in the game.. GTA Online is a bad idea.. It doesn't matter if they made it to be stand alone and will ask you to pay or not, but I STILL WANT TO HAVE A SIMPLE FU**ING MULTIPLAYER AT LEAST!

I bought game because they said it much more than it's actually have. I honestly feel tricked and I kind of lost a bit of interest in R* and I think they did a bad thing to make GTA V which is where they had to show all interest of them to.. because GTA V IS MAIN GAME, NOT THE f*ckING GTA ONLINE...

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EDIT. I just found about GTA ONLINE having micro transactions so there you have your answers ladies and gents, that's why Rockstar wants to force us go play GTA ONLINE instead of the classic single player, IT WILL BRING THEM A LOT MORE MONEY. That's the reason why I hate this, not because I'm an anti-social creep or anything but just because it's a ripp-off


All I can say is don't buy the ingame money, you don't have to give R* anymore of your cash.


I have played many FTP mmos and console game that went online, I had fun with a majority of them and didn't give them any more cash.


The part where you say," IT WILL BRING THEM A LOT MORE MONEY" You do realize they are a business and are trying to make more money, it's what they do. Not trying to be snarky but you really can't blame them for wanting to make money.


To anticipate the "They Lied to us," I have seen no evidence that they have lied to us about content or any of that. I think some have read to far into rumor and unconfirmed information.


​I truly believe people got their expectations way too high and they are taking it out on the big bad R*


Not a fanboy, just saying what I see.



I do share a similar mindset as you and try to stay neutral with the whole online gaming and micro transaction thing by telling myself that this is the evolution of gaming, and as long as people are willing to buy into it, nothing is going to change.


But, while I don't have to play online, or buy dlc, I can't help but remember the "good ole days" (never thought I would say that), when R* would try and put everything into one complete package; or at least try their damnedest to do it. this is why SA is still my favorite to this day. The ambition for that game was on another level.


When online features things that are not in SP (even if to some, it doesn't make sense for them to be there), something is not right. R* has been one of the few trusted AAA developers for years, and to see them change their business model to a nickel and dime model is disheartening to say the least.


I'd really like to keep supporting R*, but not like this.


This my friend, is what I'm talking about here is like you read my mind, thanks for your imput :^:

Edited by Skizzo45

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