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Jetpack Hunt (Continued)

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does anyone remember where lester lived? take the space docker there haha. i feel like if you even say that word no one takes you seriously

Code wise, the space docker is treated as a dune buggy


Theres nothing special about it.


I disagree, I think the fact it has low gravity.. and the UV headlights..means there is a lot more to it

edit. just noticed you meant the 'code' .. that's interesting


Edited by derpshirts

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Has anyone looked through the files contained on either disc to see if there is anything to do with the jetpack? Or better yet, contacted R* and asked if the Jetpack is in-game or not?

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argh , 100 pages of people posting things from the previous 100 pages .

the pink glow on the big ear sat's is new to me , is this a regular occurrence or a timed event ?

the mural to me seem like we need to figure out the cracked egg next after the ufo , you would think there would be a trail to pick up between them all .
the jetpack is just one piece of the puzzle here .
spacedockers green light must have soemthing todo with the grand scheme id say also, they would make it that intricate this time round

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Is anyone even looking for the jetpack anymore? All I see is bickering...

Thats what I see too.


I have had enough of this topic.

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