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GTA V could not have been any better. So stop complaining

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The problem here is the mentality of the gaming community. Apparently nowadays all reviews are rigged and everything sucks, all developers just want to suck our money and what not. People no longer have limitations and other things in mind like they probably used to in the late 90's, early 2000's. It's not for nothing GTA V was one of the best, if not the best rated game ever and the one that sold the most in history in 48 hours basically.

Another problem is the fact people got too hyped by the previews, the previews saw like an hour of the game or so and just assumed there would be safehouses, properties and what not when Rockstar had not confirmed a single word about those features.

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No game is perfect but is still a really great game. The flaws are so minuscule that they don't even matter. The only thing is that stocks and making money is a bit hard to figure out.

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it could have been better. For example able to purchase safehouses like GTA IV or GTA SA... Or more variety of weapons.... Or better initial car damage.... Or more enterable interiors..... Restaurants like burger shot..... better anti aliasing...


Safehouses are purchased through the in-game website Dynasty8realestate.com, theres quite a lot to choose from including massive mansions etc

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The whole entire reason for the insane hype was Basically SA in HD, but what we got was The Best of all GTA's On Steroids, with improved Rage phisics, with a Very well done story and Heists that are different everytime you play them, great Radio Stations, Some of the best characters the series witnessed, Trevor, ENDLESS activities and things to do, details that matter (crashing into some guys backyard by accident, then going on a high speed chase all over the map while listennings to calming music is one of the things only a gta can give, and that guy with the bike...), Trevor.




must. not. feed trolls

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