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Best GTA Protagonist



930 members have voted

  1. 1. Best GTA Protagonist

    • Claude Speed
    • Tommy Vercetti
    • Carl "CJ" Johnson
    • Toni Cipriani
    • Victor Vance
    • Niko Bellic
    • Johnny Klebitz
    • Luis Fernando Lopez
    • Michael De Santa
    • Franklin Clinton
    • Trevor Phillips
    • GTAO protagonist
    • Huang Lee

Recommended Posts


You forgot Huang Lee.



Anyway, Tommy.


Counting only protags from 3D era.


When we say era we mean time period, not graphic style. There are 3 GTA eras, 2D,3D,HD.


3D era: is 3,VC,SA,LCS,VCS


Chinatown wars is considered an HD era game, along with IV, Episodes and V

Edited by LateNightNeons
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Since San Andreas is the best GTA game of all time I pick CJ. Best protagonist in GTA V for me is Michael..he's a lot like me only richer :)


My son who is 16 can't vote here but he wanted me to tell you that he's favourite is Franklin.

Edited by Swe78
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  • 2 weeks later...

I think Niko. Alot of peps might disagree, but Niko is one badass motherf*cker. And always will be. His personality, the way he lives, and just him. He will always be the coolest GTA protagonist of all time.

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Why is Johnny pussy-boy KlebitZ on this list. He always comes out as the most hated almost every time. Watch and see. I wouldn't even include that insignificant little girl in future polls.


Tommy Vercetti for me. He was the coolest so far. I liked Niko but he didn't bring the cool. I liked Claude too. The quite type.

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Yeah I always thought nikos personality was bland and didn't add up with the kind of missions he had to do, like constantly complaining about the life of crime but doing it without hesitation whenever he was asked.. Trevor for me, Johnny and Louis are a close second.

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Favourites in order from favourite to least favourite:


Trevor > Michael > Niko > Tommy > Johnny > Vic


Dislikes in order from most hated to least hated:


Franklin > CJ > Toni > Luis


I haven't played GTA 3 so I cant judge Claude.

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Niko Bellic is the worst GTA protagonist ever!

Only Europeans think he's the best.. f*ck that HIPPIE MOTHERf*ckER!


CJ & Franklin are the best

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  • 3 weeks later...

Tommy > Michael > Trevor > Johnny > Franklin > Tony > Huang > CJ > Claude > Niko > Vic


Someone should do a "favorite side character" poll.



The Truth > Rosenberg > Yusuf > Roman > Packie > Lamar > everyone else.

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Michael > Trevor > Franklin > CJ > Tony > Luis > Niko > Vic > Johnny > Huang



I like Niko the best. He's the most developed character easily,

Yeah, the most boring one.


Franklin is easily the most boring GTA protagonist ever. He's so undevelopped, f*cking Activision would publish him ...

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For some reason I like Franklin. Maybe he's the most relatable.

Then I think I have Trevor, Michael, Niko, Johnny, CJ, Tommy Vercetti, Luis, and Claude. Indifferent to the rest after those guys.


EDIT: Interest shifted to Trevor.

Edited by Sasqui
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Definitely Trevor. He is just the coolest and beneath his psycho ways, he really is very insightful and smart guy (more so than any past protagonist), not to mention his favorite radio station also happens to be mine.

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I don't like any of the protags of the SD and HD era, personality wise. I would have to pick Trevor for being the most funny and fun to play as, despite the fact I hate his vulgar and crude personality. When it comes to SD era, I would probably pick CJ, considering he was the most developed SD era character that R* made.

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Niko for the simple fact he feels the most real and down to earth.

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