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A crouch button?


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Isn´t there anymore a way to crouch anymore? It was really useful for free aim users, instead of using the cover button just manually hiding behind cars while aiming all the time with a small fraction of the body exposed.


Should be added back in.

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I guess it would have to be a double click of the thumbstick, or maybe holding down the right bumper/R1 for a second or two? I don't know. I do know that I was personally quite impressed by the fact that your character no longer uses the universal video game stealth technique of squatting and waddling along the ground as if he's taking a dump.

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It´s a shame it´s no longer possible as cover controls aren´t that smart, and your character doesn´t always cover properly and exposes himself too much when comming out to shoot.


Before I could sort this out by taking cover myself manually, now I can´t.

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Cover l1/lb

Crouch tap l3/ls

As your stealth level upgrades ,you can perform more stealth play


That doesn´t work.


L3 does put you into stealth mode and your character simply takes a lower profile pose. I´m talking about the usual shooter crouch position.

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Stealth mode is pretty useless outside of missions so I don't see the point of it. Should have kept crouching instead of replacing it with a half assed broken feauture.

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Yes. The lack of crouching kills the open terrain shooting. I can´t improvise any cover with small things like rocks if the game doesn´t let me use the cover feature there.


Also when you try to escape cops and end up in open terrain, standing in the middle of nothing shooting a cop also standing feels SO stupid.


With 4 controls all I needed from cover feature was in corners where my character would have to expose his left side of the body to shoot (no left shoulder aiming). The rest, I did manually. Now I have to trust the cover feature a lot, and it´s not working too well.

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