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Galaxy Ozone (Xbox LIVE) (Crew Recruitment | GTA V)

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Hello everyone, as we all know, GTA Online is a week away and by all means, it's time to start prepping for the huge release. As we all know, Crews are featured in the game. I would like to start out by saying that I've plenty of experience in leadership and been known to be pretty damn organized. I have A LOT of information about this game simply stored-up in my brain. I've been prepared for this and It's time for me to take charge.


I am Supronas, I lead the Crew known as Galaxy Ozone [ZONE]. We are a GTA V-exclusive crew and are starting it's main Recruitment as of now. I have some spots already reserved by other members, so for this post, I shall be recruiting the main muscle and some representatives.


My Gamertag: Supronas - Please, add me if you have any more questions or you want to do a mic-to-mic recruitment application.



Requirements: Don't bother joining if you cannot respect and/or have the requirements.


-Must have GTA V

-Must have Xbox LIVE

-Must have a Mic (Communications/Heists/Missions/Etc.)



-Must have a Rockstar Social Club membership by the time GTA Online is released.


Please, simply reply to this post with an application. There is no main format for this application, so your imagination can help you with that. I look forward to GTA Online and I hope my Crew is up and up with it. We shall rise, and never fall.

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Xbox live player and like most players, i can't wait for gtao.. I haven't been involved in any type of crew yet, however, I would like to start now. I have a mic and am 24 years old. Frequent nightly player and live in eastern time zone. I am also registered at rockstar social club. Pm me for any further requirement.



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I would be interested in joining. I play GTA nearly everyday, have a mic, an I am mature. I am a good driver and pilot, I am decent with a gun, but mainly stick to driving. My gamertag is SnapToReality, please add me, also send a message so I know your from the crew. Thanks!

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