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How to safely own a jet in your hanger.


Recommended Posts

Step 1: aquire chopper/aircraft

Step 2: (with parachute) fly near the air base

Step 3: jump out and fly into or near a jet

Step 4: steal the jet, fly to your hanger

Hint: fly low (below aircraft radar)

And your resaults will be simular to this!



If you've failed to get this jet as your own, there is a flight school in los santos air port.

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Another good tip:

Save your game just before you fly into the airfield. If you die, simply just reload the saved game, so that you don't have to make that same trip over and over again.

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i find its easy to steal but you cant fly it very long, it always quits running and wont restart, anyone know why this happens?

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Its because you got hit, i can fly it all day long if you dont get hit. Also, fly as high as possible to loose the cops fast and then fly to your airbase, land and park it in your hangar.

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i never got hit by a missile they shoot at you, will small arms fire cause it? pretty well impossible to avoid that isnt it? I guess instead of parachuting in i blast in the back in a car at night and they are shooting guns at me when i take off. I thought about parachuting in but i figured that would take longer and they would shoot me out of the air as i was coming down.

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The tip about second Hunting mission with Clemetus or someone is easier.

it doesnt work, I tried it, before you even get halfway there it ends the hunting mission because you are too far away. its really easy to go in the back gate at night and get to the plane. theres more guys trying to kill you during the day. i get the jet easily but it always runs out of fuel or something.

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