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[TUT] lowering .wtd car files w/c can help missing textures bug

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This method can help the missing textures bug caused by

large .wtd file size when replacing cars, and help lower the size of vehicles.img.

---Backup files first before continuing. (in this case, vehicles.img)

Tools used in this guide:

--Spark IV (or Open IV if you know how to use it)


--Image Converter Plus

--Your favorite image editor

Files to be edited: vehicles.img, *.wtd (where * is the car name)

The target textures are the ones containing 1024x1024 resolution and above in DXT5 format. The said resolution is already a target alone.

If the said resolutions don't exist, the next targets are the 512x512 reso in DXT5 format.

The objective is to resize them to 256x256 in DXT1 format, or a 512x512 in DXT1 format; just converting them.

------- Target textures to be resized:



-Interior: Doors texture, Car seats (Be careful with the car seat texture. Some can cause fuzzy textures when converted to dx1 format.)

-Signs/Labels/Decals (Make this a last resort; resize if over 512x512, otherwise if it is a DXT5, convert it to DXT3. If these are texts it may become unreadable in DXT1 format.)

-Lights (Also a last resort; resize if over 512x512, otherwise convert to DXT3 or DXT1)

-Others that are seen inside the car (matts, pedals, steering wheel, gauges, dashboard, etc.)

-The textures with _nrm / _norm / _normals or alike; The replica of some textures but in almost pure light blue color

Note: Glass files should not be converted to DXT1 format.

Retain their format (which is usually in DXT5) to prevent transparency loss. Technically, leave it alone.

------The Method:

Extract the files inside .wtd using SparkIV; Import the wtd (We will need this file later), replacing a car then double click the wtd and

Select a texture, then click "Save Texture". Save the filename as is. Should be saved as a png file.


Select the wtd then click "Edit". Select a texture then click the Export Texture and save the filename as is. Should be saved as a png file.

Resize the picture into 512x512 or 256x256.

Convert the png files into .dds format (try Image Converter Plus)

Use DXT1 format for lowest size, DXT3 for compatibility of transparency for some textures.

Edit the .wtd file (the file imported to Spark IV; not the one in the .img) using G-texture.

Replace the files you have edited or delete those files and add them again. It is important that the filenames are correct.

Select "Save", or "Save as" for backups, and import again to the .img file.

Test and test until you get a satisfying result.

--------Target size of .wtd file:

Must be less than 1mb. (As said by some who already did this)

Acceptable size is around 900kb.

Ideal size is 700kb below.

Test these different sizes and see if it is ok. Now it depends on the size of .wft files.

Tested on:

A vehicles.img with 24+ cars replaced, that have .wft files in mb (the car models):

8 .wft files in 1mb,

7 .wft files in 2mb,

5 .wft files in 3mb,

1 .wft file in 4mb.

and the rest of files ranging from 980kb below where some are not replaced.

Can also be used in downsizing weapon .wtd's over 1mb.

-Using patch (

-Tested on, but missing textures bug still persist after a while. Still have 6 .wtd files in 1mb when tested it.

Hope this helps. Feel free to correct errors.

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nice tut!!! do this myself for months, but in this case of a .wtd of 8mb rezize to 1mb you lost ervery quality of the textures. you should find a middle of quality and size of the wtd, but i find it needless a wtd of 2 mb to resize to under 1 mb.


and for all who would try this out, do it for your OWN game, DO NOT release the cars you resize, perhaps you have permission of the owner and author.

RESPECT their works!!!



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Sorry to bump this now. I managed to do it but Image Converter Plus puts a watermark on my texture everytime I want to edit it. Could someone post a clearer way to do this? I am sorry but this tutorial is a little bit confusing (no offense, I respect your work).

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i recommended not to edit lights files as high res lights especially rear lights are very eye-candy . why do you use Spark , Open IV converts automatically to dds . you just have to resize , eventually set some transparency if it's for dirt then import and you're done . for dirt file i suggest resizing by half if it's a 1024² then set a 75 % transparency (25 % transparent) , it'll give the dirt a nice dust effect and most important will drastically reduce its size . as for a reason i ignore modders sometimes make that file huge

Edited by jpm1

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