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[IV] American Sleep: A Collection of Realism Mods


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That's why they call it the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.

Times are tough in Liberty City. Through a haze of lying politicians, big mouthed yuppies and violent street gangs it's amazing how anyone can survive in this godforsaken place. Punks run wild and explosions are heard more frequently than footsteps. You kill time at bowling alleys with your friends and turn up the volume on your TV hoping that you won't be able to hear the gunshots over the sound of Mike Whitely blaming all of this on video games, or the immigrants. You will run from your problems for as long as you can before you turn around and realize that this city is the way it is because of people like you. So what do you mean when you call this the American Dream? What makes this the land of opportunity?

The dream is dead. Time to wake up.


American Sleep is a savegame for GTAIV designed to emphasize the features of the mods below. It picks up where GTAIV's story leaves off, where Niko has burned through the cash he's made from his city-wide hunt for revenge and is now living in Bohan with the only car he can afford. Without any money and in hardly any position to ask for favors, you will be forced to explore and exploit the most obscure mechanics of GTAIV to once again survive in Liberty City.



Arrest Warrant (Prerelease 6) by AngryAmoeba
Adds a notoriety system similar to Assassin's Creed. Cops will notice your weapons and stolen vehicles have a chance of being reported. If a cop spots you, he'll remember your face, and you'll be charged for your past crimes after you manage to escape. Cops will follow you if you're acting suspicious and eventually ask for your ID before trying to make an arrest.

Weapon Weight by AngryAmoeba
Every type of gun has a set weight that will slow your character down with everything down to how much money you have also impacting your speed. Adds in a "hurry" bar that increases your speed by 20% and fills up over time as well as an option to drop your current gun if you really need to run a bit faster.

Bank Account by AngryAmoeba
Lets you store money in a bank account through the ATM's scattered throughout the city. Withdraw money when you need it, deposit it when you don't. You lose all the cash you have on you when you die so you best make use of these features.

EquipGun by ++++
See any unequiped weapon on your character. Compatible with Arrest Warrant (so ditch a gun if you aren't using it, otherwise a cop'll notice!)

Big City Life by DonSalami
Adds basic needs to the game. Does NOT play nicely with (can't save manually without it crashing). Hunger, sleep and boredom are all balls to juggle that are introduced with this mod. Eat frequently to drive off starvation, sleep often to prevent passing out and take your poor cousin drinking sometime to stray from getting bored. If any of these get too low your mood will deteriorate and Niko will get PISSED.

Deadly Wrecks by AngryAmoeba
Makes crashes hurt. No more smashing head on with a bus and the only penalty being tossed off your scooter. Take too much damage and the camera will go screwy. Thankfully, you can now put on your seatbelt and take less damage. Recommended for use with Realistic Driving n Flying.

Pickups by InfamousSabre
Makes the inventory system more realistic. Carry one long weapon (RPG, rifle, shotgun, bat), one sidearm (knife, pistol, smg) and one type of explosive. Makes enemy's guns have the ammount of bullets they didn't use when you pick them up and some enemies might drop painkillers to boost your health without a medkit. Very promising mod.

Realistic Driving n Flying by Olaf
Cars, helis and motorcycles handle and are damaged realistically. Remedies issues with drifting, fishtailing and more. Might cause some issues with AI drivers (though I haven't noticed any.)

Bullet Impact Euphoria by ProfessorFarnsworth
Causes you to stumble when shot like the NPC's do. Makes cover VERY valuable. Wearing armor lessens stumble which is good considering that one good bullet is all an enemy needs to stun you.

Real Reload by AngryAmoeba
Lose the entire clip when you reload (except with shotguns, cuz they don't use clips.) Will make you less generous with your bullets and be very thankful while scavanging guns off your enemies.

TrafficFlow by Sam
Adds emergency services randomly driving through the city. Makes taxis less prevalent if you have any custom vehicles installed (even if you don't, it fixes the issue where the car you're driving would show up 500 times before you could even finish a lap around the block.)

Bleed and Heal by BR_Goianiense
Allows health to regenerate when you're above a certain percentage. However, if you fall below that threshold you will start to bleed out and behave like the NPC's do when they're injured.


Daimyo's RPG Pack by Daimyo

Parachute IV by JulioNIB

Weapon Storage by AngryAmoeba

Weapon & Explosion Sounds by ces

SILENCE! by InfamousSabre

Farnsworth's Business Mod by ProfFarnsworth

Prison Break Mod by HippieCommunist

Cautious Drivers by BR_Goianiense

CrimeCity by MathieuG91

DynamicHud by InfamousSabre

Assassination Mod by TaazR

Organ Trafficking by BR_Goianiense

Interactivity Mod by odiomoratti

Bank Rob Mod by HippieCommunist

MechanicMod by matt19811

Kidnapping by BR_Goianiense


Edited by Ricebox
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  • 3 months later...

Doesn't such amount of script mods have any compatibility problems?

They actually don't! At least, the ones that have descriptions don't. The others are untested, I included them only in case people may want them.

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