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the easily lose balance of GTA4 to TBOGT

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Does anyone see that in TBOGT, it's harder to make a citizen fall down than in GTA4. it looks like that TBOGT people can keep balance better than GTA4 people. it's less fun when they don't fall when we run against 'em. So what file contents the code that control the citizens' balance? Can I just replace that file from GTA4 to make TBOGT people easily fall? you know, just undo the R*'s change- No need ScriptHook mod.

10X 4 reading guys :inlove:

Edited by 123iamking

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Michael Wojtanis

I think, You can replace and try to fix that.

If not i can make euphoria reactions for people like in Max Payne 3.

There are 400 list of euphoria commands to send for people. I found, game use 20 most of them.


Example is my "TakeDown" mod. There is some untypical Natural Motion calls.

You can found in Native list of commands with "NM_xxxx" i remeber. :)

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replacing file from GTA4 is much promising, you know, just undo the R*'s change. those citizens from GTA4 remind me 'bout a weak guy who wears a Hawaiian shirt and shorts in GTA III. and citizens from TBOGT make me think 'bout people in GTA SA.

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