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GTAForums Official FIGHT CLUB

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This may sound odd even stupid but the PC players versus Console players discussing their superiority is an unending fight that many times disturbs the topics main issue derailing the whole mood and attention seekers jump in to further fuel the war to heated exchanges of words.

Problem is both PC and Console players want to see one ultimate winner.

So, heres my suggestion to give them a separate room ( thread ) where they can discuss to death and it will also be a lesson to all why this is so wrong, off course a lot depends on how they approach!

Anyways, there is no harm to try, is it?

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Sorry, but I have to disagree. There never was and never will be a conclusion to the age old PC vs console debate. We make it a point to lock down any topics that don't encourage a healthy discussion. They're a pain in the ass anyways. We definitely don't want to fuel this fire further by giving the silly kids a whole section to rage at each other.

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Mr Rabbit

We aren't supposed to talk about fight club so having a topic on it is breaking the rules of fight club.


Anyway the idea won't work it will basically become a flame war thread as it will not be filled with intelligent, well thought out and rational discussion.

And if you are thinking at least it will be limited to one thread... it won't, they will continue to do it everywhere else

Edited by NateShaw92

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