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STUCK after the submarine and cargobob

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After i prepared everything for the Heist (sub/chooper) waited some days for a call from Wade. When he was not calling i tried with Michael start FIB missions at B icon. The first mission was started in Observatory and the second one you know from the trailer, kidnaping the witness from the skycraper. There first met all the protagonists and looks to me is the last u need to do before you can start the merryweather mission with sub in deep. When you finish 2 missions with B Wade will call you and H as Heist will show up on Trevosr second location by the beach.

The mission for me ended with no money but Wade got the chooper somewhere else and the sub is still on the airport so i expect new mission with new approach.

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I got stuck after the submarine/minisub mission too, thought i'd do some strangers and freaks missions and it'd unlock the next story mission but I was wrong. Just go thru your finished missions on the pause menu under GAME and see if you've done the mission "By The Books" (i.e. the torture mission), if you havn't you NEED to do this mission before you do the merryweather heist. Switch to Michael and most times you'll get the mission automatically by Steve calling you, but if it doesn't start like that, pull out Michael's phone and call STEVE.


Hope this helps :)


I've been having the same problem, But i don't have anyone in my phonebook called Steve

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If you were having the same problem as me then the solution is embarrassing.


I signed up just to let you all know to go to the B on the map and then look up and if you cant see the sky then you need to be on the road above you and there is the yellow circle where you'll meet Steve.


It took me a week to work that out.

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Just wondering, you're all on an Xbox?

Because i got the PS3, and when i stole the sub and cargobob i saved the game. Loaded it yesterday from Trevors airport thingy, and after a few seconds i got a call from the FIB dude. Didn't do that yet though. Was to busy screwing around with my exFib chopper.

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Not sure if this is required before or after stealing the sub and cargo bob, but

Michael must have 100% flying skill

Franklin must have 100% shooting skill.


Hope this helps

Edited by bigboy98

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