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Best and funniest GTA V quotes!

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Posted (edited)

Franklin, while rescuing Michael from the meat factory: "You got a old white dude that don't belong to you!"


Michael to security guard at the movie studio: "Hey, you see my face amigo? Re-f*cking-member it I'm your goddamn boss"


Trevor: "It's not legally f*cking if you do not penetrate"


Trevor to gang members: "Are you guys for real? Or are you going to a fancy dress party, huh?"


Trevor to Steve Haines: "I'll have to f*cking remember that line"


Trevor to Wade: "I'll drive, you can jerk me off if I get bored"

Wade *looks shocked*

Trevor: "I'm joking.....you can suck me off"


Floyd, as Trevor holds pineapple menacingly: "It's prickly Trevor and them parts is tender"

Trevor, smashing pineapple against the wall: "Wasting food makes me sick"


Epsilon guy: "Hey, I know my truth, brother brother" 

Trevor: "Yeah? Good and I know mine, moron moron"


Ghost dog: "Woof"

Franklin: "Hey what's up my nigga good to see you dawg"


Simeon in the middle of getting beaten up by Michael: "You f*cking racist!"


Tennis coach screaming if he sees Franklin in the mission where he breaks into Michael's house: "HELP! HE'S BLACK!!!"


Bill Binder: "I know what you're thinking, 'why's this guy working on the street?'" and "It's dog eat dog. Yes it's a dog eat dog world. But ask yourself this important question - are you a dog that eats dogs? Or are you a dog that gets eaten by other dogs? What kind of dog do you want to be? I want to be the kind of dog that eats dooogs. And also an elderly kindly statesmen dog that helps hungry dogs eat other dooogs"


That ped who's always around the strip club/South Los Santos, a black guy, he goes "City of saints and struggle, Los scandal San An-trouble" lol. And he's also frequently a taxi passenger and every quote he says during the ride makes me laugh because he's just constantly referring to the car as a "chariot", going "stop that chariot", "respect the chariot" etc

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8

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El Penguin Bobo
Posted (edited)

"N*gga!" -Lamar Davis


"You forget a thousand things everyday pal, how about you make sure this is one of them?" -Micheal De Santa


"My name's Trevor, what's yours?" -Trevor Phillips

Edited by xXPinguXx
Censored the N word, I thought it would automatically do it...

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Trevor with a British accent:


tHe CaR pAaarK... nO WorriEs mAttte!

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This is NOOSE, you screwed!

Inbred dickwad!

Stop the veehiiiclee, we need to have little chat!


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Soggy biscuits

" Now go! I need to meditate, or masturbate, or both" -Trevor

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Trone Phillips

" the funny toys, the weird music, the niche drugs, the- oh, you're a hipster, aren't you Trevor?" (Michael) "I abore hipsters" ( Trevor ) "classic hipster denial" (Michael) had me laughing for hours

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El Penguin Bobo

"I chose C, ain't that a bitch?"

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"Forgive me, you ignorant f*ck but sarcasm is all I've f*cking got!  Sarcasm, and a room full of you cunts !"

Pent up Michael is best Michael

Edited by Utopianthumbs

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