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Major Installation Issues (Xbox360)


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I have to install the first disc onto a pendrive (16gb) because I have an inferior HDD.


The initial install messed up somewhere around 3gb, and too be honest I think my pendrive is crap but hopefully there is a solution.


My drive has now gone into Write Only mode. Sometimes I can access it through the xbox System>Storage, sometimes it says Write Only and wont let me access it. When I can access it, I delete ALL the data from GTAV, trying to do a fresh install. When I go to reinstall the game however, it says there is missing data and tries to reinstall the missing 5gb. I cannot get the old data off the drive, it always just tries to fix the corrupted install.


I can't format the drive because it's in Write Only mode now, I have no access. I think it's because theres GTAV files on there now and Rockstar doesnt want me accessing that on my PC. Ive tried erasing the data on XBOX, removing the 360 storage configuration. I've tried formatting the drive through command prompt, changing the write only value in the regedit from 1 to 0, but I can't change anything.


The most infuriating thing is when I try to reinstall the game, it will work for a few seconds (3/5832mb installed), then the game will restart, it will inform me it's going to fix the install, and then it freezes at 0/5832mb and will not progress.


I tried everything before coming here to post about it, but I can't sit by and watch my roomate play his copy any longer haha. Thank you in advance for reading, sorry it's long winded, if you have any questions I'll try and provide any information that you need.

Edited by deadhouse
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