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Le Rusecue

Heist Crew members? *Potential Spoilers*

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Le Rusecue

How many crew members are available for the heists? I know of four gunmen (The two you have in the beginning, and then

Packie if you run into his random encounter, and Chef late into the story

), three drivers (Again, two initial ones and the lady you get from the random encounter) and three hackers (Two initials, and that idiot who didn't know how to use AV software), but that's all I know about. Anyone know of any others you can unlock, or is that it? I've seen the strategy guide, but for some reason there is no section dedicated to heist members.

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Le Rusecue

Okay, just to clarify, this is a list of all of the people I have discovered.


Eddie Toh - Initial candidate. 14% cut.
Karim Denz - Initial candidate. 8% cut.
Taliana Martinez - You can get her by completing a random event where you pick her up after her car crashed. 5% cut.

Gustavo Mota - Initial candidate. 14% cut.
Norm Richards - Initial candidate. 7% cut.
Packie McCreary - You can get him after completing a random event near Franklin's home. 12% cut.
Chef - You get him at some point in the story, but I can't remember exactly when. All I remember is he texts Trevor to let him know he's available. 12% cut.

Paige Harris - Initial candidate. 15% cut.
Christian Feltz - Initial candidate. 10% cut.
Rickie Lukens - You get him after the mission "Friend Request", which takes place before your first job, so I guess you might as well say he's an initial candidate, unless there's something you can do to prevent you from getting him. 4% cut.


When it comes to gunmen, I know of a guy named "Daryl Johns", but I have no knowledge of how to recruit him. I also hear that "Hao" is recruitable, but I don't know if that's true or just a rumor.

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Le Rusecue

Alright, in addition to that Daryl Johns fellow, I now know of a Hugh Welsh and a Karl Abolaji, however, I still have no idea how to unlock these fellows.

Edited by Le Rusecue

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