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Tips to find a vapid dominator.

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Sup guys, I love this game and currently at like 49%. Of course I have a mustang in real life and I've put aside like 20+ hours into looking for this damn thing. I don't really want to finish the game before I get the car so I'm looking for some areas you guys have found them, I keep hearing the mostly around micheals house and buy the suburban in alta but I've looked for like 12 hours in that spot so I'm looking for some other places, thanks guys....and wtf so many CHARGERS!!!

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I was thinking the same thing. I bought two chargers but I really want the mustang.

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Wow at this point the game is f*ckin with me, I was just on a mission, where I was in a garage and I had to bring someone back a certain car and I see 2 mustangs and loads of them on the street, I go back there and no where to be found again....fml

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I have been looking for hours and hours trying to find one. I had one for a long time and fixed it up sweet and then left it in Trevor's garage at his trailer and the game erased it on me!!! I have not been able to find a replacement.

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After going many many many hours without ever finding this car, at the end of the mission "the wrap up" the parking lot had several parked in it along with some awesome jeeps. I chose a jeep lol. But I replayed the mission just to see if it was a fluke and again, there were several parked in the lot. After the mission was over I saw a couple driving around so I nabbed it.

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I found one, fully customized it, had to leave it for a mission, and it wasn't at the impound.

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Finally figured out how to get the Vapid Dominator!
It took a while but it was totally worth it.
IF you have completed the story and want some unlimited mustangs what ya gotta do is within these steps

Take your character to a spot where cars are spawning and driving by constantly.

Quick save your game from the cellphone.

Go to the pause menu and go to "GAME" and click where it says 'Replay Mission' and search for the mission "The Wrap Up"

Finish the mission, right before the end, there will be a parking lot where MerryWeather has set up shop trying to kill you and dave. You gotta clear them out and make sure all choppers and MerryWeather troops are gone.

(5). DO NOT steal any of the MerryWeather cars, You want to run to the end of that lot and you see a parked Vapid Dominator (Will be in various colors) next to a wall. Get in the car and outrun the chopper chasing you.

(6). Proceed to complete the mission and once its done after you talked to trevor the screen will go black therefor teleporting you back to the spot where I told you to go in Step 1.

(7). Look around for a Vapid Dominator because they will be spawning around the city (it will take some time to find it but i swear there will be some around. I've tested this NUMEROUS times to be certain and it works EVERY time.)

(8). Once you find your Vapid Dominator, you want to bring it to your garage, (NOT your home garage.) The garage you pay for unless you got it with a special edition or collectors edition pack. Just be sure you dont bring it to your actual garage at home because IT WILL disappear and then you have to do it all over again.

(9). Leave your garage, Save your game, Walk back into your garage, and there ya go.

(10). Once this is done Vapid Dominators will be spawning everywhere around the city, grab some, customize some, have a blast. Hope you guys have fun and I hope it works for you like it did for me.

(For extra help and information please contact me on xbox live at)
Gamertag: iScreamCynical

Thank You.

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^Thanks man! Been looking for one for so long i thought i would never find one

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I also own a Mustang IRL and got one after the very first mission. I lost it now I cannot find one! Ill try that mission again.

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