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Many cars don't spawn, including Infernus! I figured out why..


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Maybe you're not having this issue, maybe it's just a few people, but I only now realized this was a glitch and not what it was programmed to do.


To start off, when I first started the game, I drove that car that's suppose to be the current-model Mustang, can't remember the name. I only drove it once at the beginning of the game, and never saw it again.


There were also quite a few cars I saw in the pre-release screenshots that I still had not yet seen in the game.


I've been playing since the game was released, sunrise to sunset, every day...and with that many hours into the game, these cars should have shown up. I first thought maybe specific models were slowly introduced as the game went on. This might still be true, as some cars showed up later on in my gameplay, like my trusty steed, the Futo.


So here's what happened...


I goofed. I was suppose to get a phone call from a guy who was going to...I guess join my heist crew. I know this because I played the previous mission several times (the LifeInvader one, loved it!), by reloading the game - but the last time I played the mission, I didn't get the call because I wasn't physically at my PS3. Anyway, that's not important. Sorry. I'm on some serious prescription pain pills right now.


So I started a new game. Not a big deal, I wasn't very far in, and only took a half hour to get back there since I only did story missions. During that half hour though, I started noticing new cars! Cars I never saw in the other game, like the redesigned Blista for one, and the "Cabriolet", and quite a few others. So why now am I seeing these cars that I hadn't seen in my first run? So after the mission I was trying to reach, I went driving around waiting for the phone call that I finally got, and I was happy. I was driving through the Richman/Vinewood Hills area in a "Voltic", an electric sports car, ALSO a car that I had not seen in the first run, and what should pass me goin the other way? A muthaf....Infernus. Hadn't seen one in the whole game before, not even in the places they're said to spawn. Oh, there went another! And another!


So you KNOW the first thing I did was go blow all of Michael's money gettin that thing chromed out! Damn that was hot!

Okay what's my point? My point is, these Vicodins are stroooong. And.. it would seem that starting a new game from scratch seems to not spawn this certain list of cars. BUT, for whatever reason, starting a new game off of an existing one, makes the cars show up.....AND, loading the first game while still in the second game, makes those cars appear in the first game.


So what's the simple fix? If you're having this same problem, save what you're doing, and go start a new game, do the heist thing at the beginning and Franklin's/Lamar's "test drives" ("oh, we should do Simeon a favor and make sure these cars are stil runnin' good!") and when you're able to, save that game on a new slot. Then, load up the first game, grab the first high-end sports car you find, like a Comet or Bullet, up in Vinewood, and drive around the area where you see the two tennis racket icons, in Richman. If this fixed it for ya, you'll see some Infernuses (Infernusii??) in no time.


Anyway...hope this benefits at least one person, otherwise I would've just wasted all this time typing when I coulda been GTAing :D

Edited by NickStone
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I think that different cars spawn in different areas and at different times you just have to be lucky , not necessarily a glitch because i didn't see the voltic and the infernus but when i went into vinewood hills i saw heaps of them with other high end cars then in went out to the industrial area and found heaps of Ingot's and Buffalo's it's also story progression is a big part to spawning cars.

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That's just it though, I'd been in all those areas many times... using different cars as "triggers". This isn't just a "got lucky" kinda thing, I'm talking like, maybe 48 real-world hours of gameplay, most of it free-roam, then I switch game saves around, and all the sudden I got like 10 or 15 different cars I've never seen before - and not just allegedly rare cars, the low-brow, blue-collar ones too. (adding to my previous list, the Zion, Cabrio and Prairie showed up suddenly too.) All cars that were apparently available at the beginning of my second play-through. It's probably not going to be like this for everyone, it could just be in my specific set of circumstances - ps3 specific, or the fact that it's the digital version (I did switch from disc to digital 24 hours later, but I deleted all the game data first). Could also be one of those weird random glitches that get fixed when a game is reinstalled. But just in case I end up not being the only one with the problem, I thus share my experiences.



Still curious though what happened to that Mustang. I'm lookin through the strategy guide to see if I can get the name of it. I still only ever saw it that once. Oh there we go, the Dominator. That was a fun ride, for all of 20 seconds. I ditched it for a more favorable car, thinkin I'll always get another crack at it. Pff. :/

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I have this issue too, doesn't everyone? I have played for four days now and there are still some cars I haven't seen, such as the Dominator and the old Calvacade, and some that I keep seeing over and over again until I start another session. I just just played for 10 hours straight in the urban Los Santos area and all I saw was the same 15-20 cars spawning repeatedly in different locations.

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Same issue but with the Maibatsu Penumbra and the other car that's suppose to look like a Hyundai Tiburon. Super frustrating since those are the cars that I would personally like to mod. Never thought of re installing the disc. Might give that a try.


EDIT: Re installing Disc 1 brought all my cars back. Found one as soon as I booted the game up.

Edited by Khaonick
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