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Does Anyone Else Not Like Trevor


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Trevor is a great character. He's a mad man so what do you expect from him? Rockstar tried to make him as interesting and crazy as they could and it's worked.



Beating Johnny to death was the best introduction ever! I actually liked Johnny but that was cold from Trevor and I like it.


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I am 50-50 on Trevor. On one hand, he is funny, and his particular skillset and missions are mostly fun to play. On the other hand, he is the most over-the-top violent PLAYABLE character ever. He is unrelenting, and unredeemable. Whatever illusions of loyalty or honor he clings to are far over-balanced by the fact that that same loyalty will be his excuse for killing at the slightest offense. And he has zero discernable morality, as becomes more apparent doing his side missions and random encounters.


edit: As a side note, a fun thing I discovered to do with Trevor is to initiate conversations with Michael and Franklin's Strangers and Freaks, like Tonya and Abigail. Interesting stuff, give it a shot.


Michael is no less reprehensible. He is just as ridiculous and brutal as Trevor, and adds a severe self-delusion to the mix. He repeatedly lies, manipulates, and betrays those he makes commitments to.


Both of these characters would have made memorable NPCs in any other GTA incarnation. That's still how I see them in regards to the story, as playable NPCs. They are heavily scripted, linear characters, and while their missions are fun and integral to the story, they are less protagonist than plot mechanic.


Franklin, on the other hand, is the more traditional GTA protagonist. He is flawed, of course, but like all other GTA protagonists beforehand, views the world moralistically, even when he is violating those morals. It is no accident that the story-changing choices are left to him to make.


That being said, CJ is still my favorite GTA protagonist, Franklin would come in a distant third behind Vince Vance, with Niko and Tommy tied right behind. This is, of course, just my opinion. While i don't necessarily like the character of Trevor, he is ridiculously fun to fight cops with.

Edited by markedman67
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At first I didnt like him. His character was too much of a contrast from Franklin and Michael.


But as the story went on he defo grew on me. I dunno why but exploring Blaine County with Trevor is more fun than with M or F.

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Trevor is entertaining, and in some ways real funny, I will give him that.


But I still don't really like him. He's too crazy and off his rocker for my taste. Sometimes his madcap antics are just so unnecessary. Plus he talks too much strange stuff regarding his sexual preferences, I reckon he's potentially bisexual, sometimes he seems like he'd just bang anything. And he's dirty and grimy, just not appealing to me at all.

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I not only dislike Trevor for the klebbitz episode, but he is dirty, ugly and cheap. By far my most hated protagonist ever. Michael being my favorite because he is the closest to my beloved Tommy Vercetti.

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I play as Michael the most for some reason then I'll just randomly transition to Franklin based on what I feel like doing. I rarely play as Trevor but for some reason I just can't help but love him despite all the bad stuff he does. I connect with all three characters pretty well.

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I didn't care about Johnny at all, if Rockstar wanted to do a biker story they could have done something better then a simpin, x yuppie turned outlaw MC member.

I didn't like Trevor at first but he grew on me...

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I love the character, he's hilarious. But atm I don't play as him much, in fact he's my least played of the trio. Right now I'm enjoying playing as a street racer with Franklin.

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