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Does Anyone Else Not Like Trevor


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I generally like all GTA's characters, but something about Trevor really irks me, Iunno if it's the way he treats his underlings (that whole homo-erotica, sexual gratification thing is weird and gay) or the fact he killed

Johnny Klebitz.

(Who I didn't particularly like anyway) but Yeah, i pretty much only tap into his character for missions.


Anyone else?

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He's a psychopath. What the hell did you expect from someone like him? Tea and crumpets with the gents? f*ck no man. He's a full-blown psychopath with serious mental issues. It's all normal for him.

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Yes, Trevor is indeed a huge asshole of epic proportions. But he is by faaaaaaar the most hilarious thing to ever come out of any GTA to date imo.


I always look forward to his cutscenes, as I just know I'm going to be on the floor! His mannerism's, voice, craziness is just so entertaining to watch.

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In some ways he's a dick and in some ways he's actually more morally grounded than Michael. Like saving michael's daughter from humiliation and calling him out on his bad parenting. Also pointing out to Floyd that he's being used like crazy by his gf, even though Trevor uses the f*ck out of everyone for his personal gain. He's got a bit of both. I actually love his character. I dislike Michael the most so far. They all have moments where I dislike them and then love them although I find that I hardly ever have a problem with franklin

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Yes, Trevor is indeed a huge asshole of epic proportions. But he is by faaaaaaar the most hilarious thing to ever come out of any GTA to date imo.


I always look forward to his cutscenes, as I just know I'm going to be on the floor! His mannerism's, voice, craziness is just so entertaining to watch.

This. I love all the characters in this game, but Trevor is on another level.


Some of the stuff you stumble upon when you switch to his character is messed up to put it lightly.

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I'm a huge TLAD fan... and Trevor is my most used character. Yeah, that intro set my off.

But Trevor is a damn intelligent character. Yeah, he's an insane psychopath. But he's also a morally grounded genius. It's weird with him.

It's like, Two-Face almost. One part of him, a genuinely morally grounded man. The other side? Bloody insane.

I love being in control of the character too. Have him running around, saving people whenever they need it. Then going bat-sh*t crazy with rampages.

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Trevors my favourite GTA character of all time and probably the funniest video game character ever. He can go from down right hillarious to super creepy and menacing at the drop of a hat. the scene when we'rew first introduced when

He kills johnny was geuinly menacing. The way he phsycologically imposed himself on a vulnerable meth head and had him all timid and apologetic after banging his wife really shown me Trevor really is something else. He's geuinlly menacing.


Edited by Juzt
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Trevor represents our inner desires when we play these games, and as such, I think he is freaking awesome. We finally have a character that works with the going out and just causing mass destruction. I don't really see Michael as that type or person, nor is Franklin, as he is a thief, not a murderer. Trevor is there so I can just walk around and blow everything up. Drive recklessly. And get out any pent up rage I have been holding on inside whether it be from my 30 job interviews over the summer that went no where to my experience in LA this past July. As soon as I get the mini-gun, I am going to stroll down Vinewood Blvd with Trevor and just shoot everyone on site, including any cosplayers.



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Johnny was my favorite protagonist because he was the first actual character to show leadership. CJ was Sweet's sidekick, Vic was Lance's sidekick and Tommy didn't run a gang; he just picked them up after Diaz' death.


I was disappointed at the 'relationship' between Trevor and The Lost MC but it showed how powerful Trevor was as a character and how he was a force not to be reckoned with following the mishaps between his parents (you'll find out later down the line) and how that affected his life and mental stability.


I did disagree with how he treat Floyd, though; he bullied him all the way up to the point to where

Trevor killed him.



I never avenged Floyd and Johnny's outcomes by choosing to

kill Trevor


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I think it's refreshing to have a character like Trevor, because he has absolutely no morality. The typical GTA protagonist is someone who is justified in their life of crime, and Michael and Franklin fit that mold well. Trevor loves being evil for the sake of being evil and that's so cool for a GTA game. It makes what is already the most complex game in the series go even further.

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I'm blazing through the main storyline, and one of the main reasons is to see what Trevor does next. I've never had so many 'jaw dropping' momments watching a video game protagonist.


Yeah, I'm trying desperately to take my time with the story and not rush it, but I just can't help myself trying to get to Trevors next cutscene as quickly as possible. He really is that funny and entertaining. While being the biggest prick that R* have ever created, he is also thus far the best protag to come out of the game.

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Oh, I love Trevor. I think I love him out of the 3 characters the most (Though I do like all of them.)!

He's so funny all the times haha. The fact that he's a psycho doesn't even change anything.

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He is the best f*cking character in the whole GTA game series imho.He may not be likeable,I may not feel connected with him like I am with Michael,he may be weird and disturbing,but it's a hell of a fun to see what will he come up next.He is evil and good,you never know what the f*ck he's up to.He is unpredictable and that makes him interesting.

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Trevor is so awesome.. I love him and I've made a big connection to all three characters. Trevor's hardcore, and if you don't understand him.. you'll never GET him. But for those that do understand his sarcasm.. fantastic. :) He's a man that has forced his way to success much like Joe Pesci's character in CASINO.. he's smart and he has to be a HARD ass to get what he wants and be successful. He gets what he wants by being absolutely out of his mind, on edge, with a short temper. Parts of him remind me of myself.. but parts that are very stored away.. lol.

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