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The Fort Zancudo Topic!


Recommended Posts

if you have the blue print map, if you use the black light


over the base and you see words take control


im assuming you could take over the base as a safe house


blue print is clue number 1 in this theory



2nd clue is




you notice the difference in the targets on the map when ya pause it

the guards have a targot dot very different from the cops


I came close of finding out my theory twice

there was 5 targets on the map and I got it down to only 1 dot


this is a theory and I would like to prove it to be true



so load up with armer and ammo make your way to the tower go upstair kill the gaurds and quick save when you die you will come back to the tower

if you got another method im all ears





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I've been smashing up Fort Zancudo for days. I've made it in, killed every plane and tank, and then flown out on a fighter jet. It's not that hard.

First, I just wanted a fighter jet. So I spent a while flying Trevor's plane over to the base, skydiving, dying a few times, but eventually realizing the best one to go after is in the big hanger on the west (right side if you're standing on the mountain). Parachute in, pull the chute at the last second, then hook around to the inside of that bunker, do a precision landing and DITCH THE CHUTE (for Trevor to take the chute off while walking you will lose a few seconds and tanks will get you). Also, it is best to do this at night time. Grab the fighter jet, jump in and take off straight up (you'll just barely have room... watch out for the radio tower). Stay as low as possible to the ground, and after you cross the runway it should drop off into the river anyways. Now fly out toward the ocean to lose any heat, but don't fly forever because you will run out of juice. In fact, it's actually best to fly out, then come back to land and try to lose the stars over land. Avoid the coast, since helicopters line it at intervals all the way down the map while you're flying with stars. Once the stars are gone, land it inside Trevor's hangar, then catch a cab to his safehouse and save. Presto, you have infinite fighter jets instead of that crap plane that keeps spawning.

I played around with the fighter jet for a while until I realized that I can't attack the prison or the Fort effectively with it. I bought a Cargobob and a Rhino and found that you can pick up the tank (press right on the D-pad to lower the hook), fly into the parking lot area at the closest part of the fort, behind the building, and as long as you're flying low you can drop the tank (right on D-pad again), land the helicopter, and make it almost all the way to the tank on foot before you're even noticed.

At that point, you're going to start getting swarmed by Humvees. Be extremely careful to pick these off no matter what - they explode if you run over them or kill them too close to you - in face, you'll notice a second explosion on every one you shoot. That explosion will wipe you out, tank or not. So basically, ride along the runway at full speed picking off Humvees but LOOKING FOR TANKS, because they will sneak up on you. As long as you're moving, they are a terrible shot - about three direct hits should take out each one. I've only found about 4 or 5 max at any time, and they don't seem to respawn after you kill them.

So that's basically it, ride around and slaughter all of the big Titan planes, tanks, humvees, and fighter jets except for the one mentioned in the hangar from earlier, then when you're ready to leave, ride over to that hangar, hop in your jet, and dip.

One more thing - your tank moves backward when you fire your gun. But, turn it around backward and shoot behind you as you ride and you'll go very fast. You'll outrun humvees, and you can pick them off as you pass them. This works great on the runway. Also, their tanks seem to be at their worst aim when you're doing circles around them. But they're also not very good at a distance.

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I have found a quite effective way of obtaining the Laser by parachuting in the hangar, entering the jet and switching to missiles, take out everything that enters the hangar with the missiles and take straight off out of the hangar over the Titan.


I have also found a great method to stealing the Titan, but it involves luck and skill, took me over 30 attempts. But sadly it is not worth doing due to a hangar spawn point glitch. If you make it to the Airport and save it in your hangar you will be disappointed when you return to find this



the wing will spawn into the side of the hangar rendering it useless, you cannot even enter the plane to move it.


Just a fair warning,

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And the EASIEST way to obtain the Lazer is to get a helicopter from anywhere and fly into the fort from the west side. You'll see an open hangar straight ahead of you, and the alarm won't trigger until you land, due to the speed of the heli. Make sure you go after the Jet that's INSIDE the hangar, not the one outside, as you're immediately swarmed from all sides. The only way they can get you inside the hangar is from the front.

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I just collected a Lazer - I jumped into the base off of an ambulance at the Fort Zancudo Fire Department Station (as marked on the map) - I then hijacked a Fire Truck, Gained 4 stars and drove straight on towards the hangar with a Lazer opposite a Titan Spawn - I then simply grabbed it and took off, super easy!


Now I'm going to attempt to get a Titan Somehow

Edited by GTAKid667
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I just collected a Lazer - I jumped into the base off of an ambulance at the Fort Zancudo Fire Department Station (as marked on the map) - I then hijacked a Fire Truck, Gained 4 stars and drove straight on towards the hangar with a Lazer opposite a Titan Spawn - I then simply grabbed it and took off, super easy!


Now I'm going to attempt to get a Titan Somehow

I agree, for the Lazer the easiest way to get it is just get a fast car, drive straight through the main gates jump out and climb in to the Lazer. then floor it's throttle and it'll take off just as it hits the runway. Easy peasy every time. It's more difficult to stay alive in it. As others have said head for the sea and barrel roll to dodge missiles. The Titan has been explained higher up this topic.

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I did the heist mission with the stolen CargoBob (flew a heli in, landed next to it, shot the two guards that were near it and flew out with no drama), and during the mission Trevor seems to have spray painted over the "MARINES" logo, but why why why why does he not keep it? He keeps the sub, which is now useless since without a CargoBob, I can't pick it back up and drop it back in the water.


I'd try to steal another once from Zancudo, but I already stole a Buzzard from the NOOSE HQ, and couldn't save it. Only tried at Trevor's airstrip.

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On the West side of the base (about 75 meters or so north past the point where the hill wall gets at a low angle, and a few thousand feet from the main entrance) there's a concrete wall, and if you park a tanker next to it you can jump right over. It puts you in a small little corridor where the guards can't see you (although a military truck sometimes drives right up next to the wall) and you can run straight for the Lazers in the middle of the airstrip in less than ten seconds. Guards should only be a (minor) problem when you're taking off if you run and gun.

Edited by Joe Chip
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Just a thought about Zancudo. If there's army soldiers running around there but there is a main airfield that obviously controlled by the Air Force and also one of the soldiers say "Siempre Fi motherf*cker!" Or "I'm a marine dammit!" (Even though he's wearing ACUs and has the US Army name tape on his uniform) so that means it's a combined services operated base. Shouldn't it be called "Joint Base Zancudo" instead of Ft. Zancudo (fort, meaning army installation)?


Ehh just a little nit pick but who cares, I'm just glad they put this awesome base to raid! :pp

And they did a VERY accurate job detailing it too!

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I got the fighter jet from fort zancudo, and then I got so close to my hangar at the airport that I could see the lights in my hangar but then the engine on the jet completely stopped and I enabled the landing gear but as soon as I touched the ground I exploded. I don't get it. Did anyone else's engine completely stall and then try to land but exploded? What am I doing wrong?

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I just collected a Lazer - I jumped into the base off of an ambulance at the Fort Zancudo Fire Department Station (as marked on the map) - I then hijacked a Fire Truck, Gained 4 stars and drove straight on towards the hangar with a Lazer opposite a Titan Spawn - I then simply grabbed it and took off, super easy!


Now I'm going to attempt to get a Titan Somehow

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Umm don't put titan in ur hangar because it will spawn the wing into the side of the hangar and u won't be able to move it.

I know, I plan to save the game with the Titan in the air or something like that - basically anywhere outside the Hangar.


I am yet to get the titan actually - I've been quite busy and haven't managed to play GTA V for a week or so - Although I did play GTA Online at the weekend

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I parachuted into the base last night, just for laughs, like I've done many times before. But this time I got no stars, so I ran into the bunker and waited there. The stars never came :D

Anyway, I was there until 3am, with the green lights, and rain, but the elevator never opened. As soon as I got out of the bunker I got a wanted level. I saved the game inside, without the stars, so if anyone has a theory they would like me to try just say so. But I think the whole "no wanted level" thing is a bust. If the elevator is to be opened it would be under different circumstances.

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Fairly sure the 'take control' is just pointing to the Mini-gun in the tower. I've been in the tower myself and there is nothing in there apart from a mini-gun, and a guy right at the top. The blue print map just points out helpful things like the buzzard on the southwest roof top, the spaceship parts and a few weapons. Only interesting things are the trevor at the docks thing and the prison.

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Good topic, I'd like to add in my experiences:


1. The taxi mission glitch is the best way to get in. Just push L3 one second before you bust through the gate. You earn a good 10-20 seconds of freedom depending on who sees you.


2. The military AI is pretty dumb. The "canal" or "ditch" along the perimeter is the best way to lose your wanted stars. I like to drive to the western end of the runway to attract the soldiers, then speed down the runway to the fence opening just past the fire trucks on the right. Hug the inside wall and drive around the corner until they lose sight of you, then just sit there. They will drive around and look right at you but do nothing. Except for the soldiers on foot. They will spot you through the fence or walk down the canal. The best way to get rid of them is to take another loop around the base and let them despawn.


Once your stars are gone you can switch characters. I discovered that after running a mission with a different character and saving, then switching back, the character left in the base will exit on his own in the vehicle you left him in. That is how I got a Humvee and Minigun for Franklin.


3. Lazer - The easiest one to get. I just pulled up next to one in the carport hangars with the taxi glitch and hopped right in and took it to Trevor's hangar. I used the low flying technique to avoid the missiles, then went high above the helicopters.


4. Titan - I have yet to get one off the ground. I will try the idea of stealing the one on the runway.


5. Buzzard - There is one on top of the government buildings on the southeast end of the map. Much easier to get with no stars. Just climb any ladder and you'll get there eventually. I do have it stored at Trevor's helipad.


6. Rhino - I was fortunate at one point to have a saved game where the Rhino spawned right at the front entrance and headed toward the tower every time. I used the taxi glitch and Franklin's ability to get next to it. You'll want to turn off his ability when you are slightly behind it and to the left - this will cause the turret to slowly turn to the side, then you can park in front, get out and throw the soldier out, before it turns around and blasts your taxi.


So far, the canal will not work to lose your stars, because every time I'm in a tank, they call out the helicopters immediately. The key to escaping is to go out the east gate and head for the nearest railroad track. As mentioned before, every car you hit with your turret has a secondary explosion that will do some damage, so the best thing to do is avoid collisions and never target anything up close. Once you're on the tracks, head for the nearest subway tunnel. That is the only way I have found to lose the choppers. Unfortunately, I'm only 12% through the game and have nowhere to store the tank.


7. Cargo Bob - The chopper that flies a pattern around the fort is, in fact, on the ground for a very short period of time, as proven with the photos previously. I have stolen it once, almost by accident, as the pilot had bailed and left it on the helipad. However, it did not survive the onslaught from the pursuing helicopters. I tried to land to draw their fire to me, but it was destroyed on the hillside next to the fort.


I was able to replicate the scenario for the pilot to bail, but have not been able to fly it again. It pretty much spawns with rotors spinning ready to take off. To make it spawn, I drove around to the truck parking lot on the west side and then headed straight for the helipad. Once it appears, you have to hit it with a few rounds shooting out of your car. When it spawns there is usually still a fence between you, so just fire blindly in its direction. Once it is empty, and you are near it, any tanks in the area will destroy it, and if you look away for too long or stray too far, it will sometimes disappear. It is definitely the most difficult to steal.


8. Barracks - This one can be tricky, I think it may be more luck of which cops spawn where. There is no hiding this one to avoid stars. I do prefer to lose my stars, get a good position on one near the eastern helipads, and then use the taxi glitch to get out in the open. Leaving the fort is not difficult, and I have a repeatable strategy for losing the cops once outside.


Leave out of the eastern gate and immediately turn up the hill on the left before the bridge. That dirt road leads to a loop at the back of the water treatment area. Head for that loop but stay off the dirt road, I drive straight north. Once even with the loop, you will see a washed out gulley area on the hillside on your right. Drive up as far as you can, and hit the emergency brake and sit there. With any luck, you should be out of sight (turn off your headlights), and they'll drive right by and not see you. Unfortunately I have nowhere to store it again.


9. Humvee - I forget the game name, and it's more of a jeep I guess. This one you can use the canal to lose your wanted level and switch characters. I did it with Franklin and he ended up at the rec center in LS and the jeep was parked in front.


10. Minigun - I have gotten it with Franklin and Trevor in one play without technically dying, although I died many times in the process of getting to that point. The important part is reaching the inside stairs of the control tower with as much armor as you can. There is a soldier on the 6th level who may be out near the stairs or in the room on the left, sitting down. There are usually two in the top room of the tower. I use a grenade launcher for them. The entrance and exit are the tricky parts.


Franklin - Entrance - Use the taxi glitch and his ability to run over the guard in front of the tower and hit the front door with the taxi to make it open, this usually encourages the 2-3 soldiers in the lobby to come out after you, and you don't walk in blindly. (Funny story: one time there were 3 prostitutes in the lobby and no soldiers)


Exit - I like to take cover behind the desk in the lobby and fight it out with the soldiers who come through the door to raise my ability bar. Once full, I sprint out the door and run to the right towards the fenced gate. The left side of the fence is a swinging gate when you run through it. Directly on your left is a storage silo with a ladder. I like to climb it, then jump on the roof of the warehouse, take out some soldiers in jeeps, and when the opportunity presents itself, jump down and take off in an empty jeep. I'd recommend just going straight forwards or in reverse in the opposite direction with a little bob and weave as fast as possible. Fancy driving or trying to turn around will get you picked off by a tank. Head for the same canal opening by the fire trucks and hit Franklin's ability when close and use it to hide down the canal.


Trevor - Entrance - Use the taxi glitch and hope that a tank is not right next to the entrance. Run over the guard and activate his ability as soon as you get out. Trevor can waltz right into the lobby with guns blazing, but turn it off as soon as you can to conserve.


Exit - Fight some more to raise the ability bar. With the ability activated, run right through the same gate as before. This time keep running straight towards the runway, hang a left and there should be a vehicle parked by some containers. Again no fancy driving, just steal it and go. Steal a jeep once your in the open later on to lose your stars, then switch characters.


Michael - Entrance - Use the same technique as Franklin, drawing out the soldiers.


Exit - Same technique as Franklin. Once on the roof of the warehouse, use his ability to take out the soldiers quicker before reinforcements arrive. I would have had this one except a strange thing happened: the guard at the east gate left his post to go snooping around the outside of the perimeter fence. I could not go anywhere to get rid of my stars and I could not see him to kill him.


11. Leaving the base with no wanted level - It is possible, with a little finesse. Proceed to lose your stars in the canal as stated previously. Now head toward the east gate through the canal. After that final turn, stop next to the inside wall. You are going to get out, take out the gate guard with a silenced sniper rifle, and then drive back into the canal as far as you can next to the fire trucks. As long as no one saw you, you should have just 3 stars. Let those pass and you should be able to go down to the gate without being seen. Pull up next to the concrete building at the end of the canal, jump from the roof of the car to the roof of the building, then drop down to the right to be home free.




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Not sure if this has been said, but for those after the Titan - Go to the base and be on the beginning of the runway at 1:10am, the Titan has been preparing to take off at that time twice for me now.


Easier to take off when it's prep'd and ready...

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I dunno if this already mentioned, but the left door of the control tower doesn't open.

the right door can be opened but the left door is just a "tiny wall tiny door appearance!"

as for the Tanks, best way to destroy those is by shooting three grenade launchers on the back of them. they'll destroy after three timed shots!

NOTE: the RPGs do not work.

also I realized that other Rhino's can destroy others too if close!

easy way to steal the Lazer with only one cheat:

get any type of plane/helicopter and fly towards the base, parachute and try landing near the hanger.

now activate the spawn Sanchez cheat and drive far away from any Lazer spawn point. try finding what it look like a tunnel in the edges of the base. keep following this in a route that can lead you towards the plane. now quickly slow down after you get nearby one and steal it. fly and take-off as fast as possible and take off very high. you may find some missiles after you. STUNTS TIME! show them who's good at stunts and do all the moves you know in-air! try flying towards Trevor's airfield while doing some flips so its gonna be two-by-two. getting close to save the jet, and loosing the cops.

stealing vehicles using the invincibility for 5 minutes cheat:

watch you timing! destroy/kill every thing you find nearby you. when the timing is close to end, quickly get into the Control Tower. re-activate the cheat back-in and fire back! as how I found, they don't follow you inside!.

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Its impossible to get a jet. If you do get it, no matter how low, how fast, or how high I fly the magic AA missiles just spawn and kill me. And the tanks are everywhere. And tanks can somehow shoot you while parachuting. This is so stupid and in realistic. I'm in the army and we don't have tanks driving around base. We have MPs that drive Chevy impalas and carry pistols. Zancudo is way OP and stupid

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  • 3 weeks later...

I am 100% and have tried taking Trevor,Michael, and franklin into the control tower. The other two do not follow you up the stairs (sh*tty deal) but.....when I ran upstairs without them just after the third floor I started loosing my stars. I stood still forever but the stars never dropped.


I feel this entire situation was not suppose to happen but when I walked back down and shot a camera setting the alarms back off I was again able to run upstairs and start losing the stars.


I tried pushing Michael and Franklin into the stairwell but they just run back out. I then ran up the stairs and after a certain point the other two ran out on their own and died leaving me on the sixth floor still with flashing stars that never drop. I don't understand why I can go in the control tower alone and never have the stars flash but with two others it does

every time


Can someone please give me ideas of what to try cause I am out of them. Btw I tried calling everyone while in the control tower.


This is my theory, when you do take control of the fort all the elevators become active. The ones in the control tower allow you to quickly reach the top rather than having to take the stairs. You will no longer get stars when you enter, allowing the jets and vehicles to be taken with ease and....yes this is just remnants from reading the mural post but I think that the bunker elevator actually contains the jetpack and when that becomes active it just opens and allows you to take it.

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