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Stock Market Manipulation Question (spoilers)

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Hey everybody, I've been reading the forums since 2007 and just made an account a couple of weeks ago.


Just want to say I love the game, I think it's AMAZING.



I just finished the asassination missions with Franklin and well my brother did most of those missions and he didn't seem to act on the insider trading tips.



Now that those missions are over I'm stuck with not a lot of cash. I was wondering if any of you guys have some tips on how to make cash with stocks. Much appreciated.

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I noticed the tip but was not brave enough to put all my money on it and change to other chars to do the same thing. I placed like 40k down and made 150k back. Wish I dumped every penny on it.


What I want to know is how can we effect the market now? or do we have to wait later?

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The manipulation thing is a bit picky though, I invested in AirEmu, then blew up 3 FlyUS planes and it didn't affect the stock at all. On the other hand I invested in VanillaUnicorn, splurged on some strippers and got almost $10,000. There aren't nearly enough variations for this thing to work though even when it does what it's supposed to.

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You cannot influence the stock market in any way through your free roam activities. The only time you 'manipulate' the market is during the assassination missions. All this talk about blowing up competition vans/planes is rubbish and does not affect share prices at all

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Well like I said, Vanilla Unicorn was at -17% one day and +8% the next and it had been at -17% for the week before, netting me $10,000.

Edited by tommysalive

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Lord of the Flies

You guys need to stop wasting your time with such small gains. Start a new game, spend as little as possible, finish the heists and then make full use of the assassination missions with each character. This is the only way to make over half a billion with each character. Replaying the story will be less time consuming that turning $30m into over $200m with tiny gains and huge effort.

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To what end? Once you've reached the end there's very little to spend that money on, it becomes more frivolous than MMO grinding where you spend hours trying to get hold of a new helm that lets you do an extra 2.116 damage to one type of enemy you hardly ever encounter.

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Well like I said, Vanilla Unicorn was at -17% one day and +8% the next and it had been at -17% for the week before, netting me $10,000.


Since I started my game the Unicorn stock has been -500 and won't budge. I don't spend crazy amounts of time there, but still.

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Maybe it only tracks it once you've purchased some stock, i don't know. There aren't enough sabotageable companies in the game world to really test it.

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Benny Dee Freed
On 9/21/2013 at 6:02 PM, MarkGTAV said:

You cannot influence the stock market in any way through your free roam activities. The only time you 'manipulate' the market is during the assassination missions. All this talk about blowing up competition vans/planes is rubbish and does not affect share prices at all

I say, not true! Maybe it was once before. Or maybe you didn’t see it initially affected. It’s also counter-intuitive.bicuse Xbox one; and the method is to choose between 2 Rival companies—preferably with physical locations. But the MOR & AUG insurance rivalry works too.


Logically, you’d think that blowing up a bean machine would increase the cool beans stock. People have lost all their wealth this way (which is why you ALWAYS need to disable autosave before you try a stock manipulation...and also ALWAYS create 2 identical quick save slots before purchasing the stock you want).


so if you see that bean machine is at its lowest price, you stand to make more profit from a stock surge. But ironically, do not target cool beans!! Instead, plant every remote mine all around i bean machines front patio (Vespucci beach location has a huge outdoor area). Detonate everything. RPG every window, every patio table, the doors, every corporate sign/billboard, even the customers. You’ll have 2-3 choppers above you within 45seconds, plus NOOSE agents. A lot of YouTube tutorials tel you to die on purpose, which works. But if you’re able to get away and cause more destruction while you do, go for it. Especially if you own the scrapyard—not to mention the ability to manipulate 2 stocks. That BeanMachine store is near a Ponsybos, LifeInvader, and a Fleeca. I found LifeInvader perfect as a secondary target because it never regains it’s originL value after Franklins CEO assassination. It usually hovers at $1.80 or $2 and never increases by more than 20 cents naturally. But if you decide to split your invest between BeanMachine & LifeInvader, you make bank. Flee from BeanMac with a healthy head start and wake of destruction; repeat explosive behavior at alifeInvaders front entrance (western side of building). You’re essentially guaranteed to die at this point, so make sure all your stocks are bought already. Make sure autosave is off in case. If a failure, and make sure all your money is invested to prevent the hospital charging you $5000.

youll get a handsome profit from BeanMac, but can honestly get a shockingly better profit from LifeInvader despite only increasing it by $0.50-$1 max. If you bring LifeInvader from $1.83 to 2.75, you’ll see a profit of almost 50%. So if you have $1million, put $500k into BeanMac (10,000 shares) and $500k into LifeInvader (250,000 shares). Maximum possible return would be 20% from Beans and 50% from LifeInvader...which turns your $1million into $600,000+$750,000 ($1,350,000) for that one character.


But that’s a high end estimate...you’re likely gonna make something around 10-15% rather than 35%. BUT you’ll earn it for each character.


Choose the order in which your characters invest wisely. You wanna make those two quick saves and then QUICKLY buy the stocks as each character, and then immediately bomb to companies. Trial & error and experience maximizing profit helped me decide to always buy stock as Trevor first. Why? Because I’ve lost money switching to Trevor last only to helplessly watch him stumble around drunk and naked while crapping in the street. And Michael can also be slow to get up from his poolside or stop arguing with someone on the boardwalk. Only Franklin is focused enough to be ready the moment you switch. Also...I considered his special driving ability to be the most valuable for hitting two companies while under fire, maintaining motor control, and even slipping past the multiple patrol radius’ to let you occasionally live. Also, Franklin is the only good option for owning Los Santos Customs, so he’ll have a fast car with armor and bulletproof tires. Finally, Trevor sleeps the longest (12hrs) opposed to Franklins 6-8hrs. I don’t know if this applies to Hospitals...but it feels like it does. The LCN recovers VERY quickly from a free roam stock manipulation. Especially the companies that rarely do well. I do not recommend dying multiple times or taking serial naps to maximize your profit. It won’t. In fact, sometimes you’ll actually miss the profits if you’re Trevor, and lose money. Or if you do it Thursday evening, Trevor won’t leave the hospital until after Friday afternoon—and stock market is closed. The weekend will kill the momentum your action would otherwise have on the profit. So buy all stocks & prepare in this order: Franklin outfits the vehicle, and drives to Vespucci, Save, Switch to Trevor, Buy stocks, Michael, Buy stocks, back to Franklin, buy stocks and finalize decision if the prices have not changed...then wreak havoc on your targets. Either escape quickly or die immediately...do not waste time unable to check your phone. Franklin checks portfolio. IF there is any significant profit already, sell all; immediately save. Do not assume it will keep growing. You can turn a $12,000 profit into a $15,000 loss in the time it takes to quit the LCN browser to save or change characters. And the fix is not as simple as reloading your last save point; because you’ll angrily find that the stock no longer fits the same pattern or graph if you reload. It will often be reloaded with a different share value than expected because GTA didn’t want it to be too easy.


So SELL ALL.l as Franklin. Then Quick Save over ONE of the last double saves. Leave the other one alone until youve taken care of all 3 characters. However, create a NEW double quick save just in case something gets Fubar’d (or if you realize the stock in question will actually keep growing). So if the stock surge is short, this protects your game from losing Mike or Trevors profit to a cutscene, a fight, or lengthy street dysentery when character switching...AND/OR...if the stock will continue surging another 3-10%, it gives you the perfect opportunity to reload after Franklin’s death/escape to repurchase the stock.


So...after Franklin sells all & quick saves—assuming the LCN stock is typical and short-lived—immediately switch to Michael, sell all, and then Trevor, sell all. Once the pressure is over, you can decide to either quick save over the initial (pre-mayhem) double save, or over the post-mayhem double save, or even secure another new save slot if you like playing with the freedom to take risks while protectIng yourself against potentially ruinous outcomes.


I hope this helped. Major take-away is that the market works. You can make a huge impact on it. In fact you do throughout the entire game. Every wrecked car, civilian murder, cop killing, use of explosives, armored car theft, and stranger/freaks missions, etc influence almost every company in the LSN. Other companies are obviously changed by the Lester Assassinations, but you can continue to manipulate them even after the assassination missions through overtly direct attacks. It may feel like you have no influence in Freeroam without the Mission-specific ability the kill NPC CEOs or Boardmembers, but the insurance company stocks respond to all violence in freeroam. They even differentiate between destroying an empty car and occupied car, because MOR is a health insurance company. Security firms are similarly affected when you engage Armored cars & police at 3+ star levels. Causing mayhem at the airport has a direct effect. I imagine Epsilon missions and involvement affect the film stocks. Mail delivery companies have trucks that can be sabatoged (PostOp & GoPostal). All food companies have locations, Banks have locations. Downtown Law offices also have stocks on the LSN that clearly vary after RPG attacks, but more importantly, do not change randomly when Rockstar says so. As bad guys who steal and kill, everything we do affects a web of economic accountability between us, the people, the cops, hospitals, fire stations, government infrastructure banks like Fleeca, Maze, Liberty, the insurance companies for health and pharmaceuticals and property, the law firms that broker these deals, the car companies that make cars, the real estate and property mgmt companies that email us each week with our profits, our owner franchises listed by name on BASWAQ, the LSN companies related to Hollywood and our theatre properties, alcohol and food companies related to our bars and golf clubs. The aesthetics companies involving clothing and hairstyle and jewelry are affected too. I don’t pretend to see how a freeroam massacre in Sonora Desert changes stock prices in each category, BUT I did start noticing stock patterns that had parallel associations with my rampages, their durstion, and degree of intensity. After days of violent free roaming, I noticed that specific insurance companies had similar market reactions to specific banks, and slightly more subtle but similar behaviors to Specific law firms, and specific real estate companies that apparently benefited from my purchasing certain use-specific properties (like the scrapyard), which affected the car insurance stocks and the banks, and even the car manufacturers. It was actually really cool. I can’t legitimately predict which company will benefit from another, but it’s easier to see in retrospect when comparing & contrasting any given set of companies that are simultaneously turning either high profits or severe losses immediately following critical events created by me and/or the story mode. I think it would be relatively easy to invest in 3 or possibly 4 profitable stocks simultaneously after a planned freeroam attack as long as I knew I was only directly influencing one company. I’d be a total loser for wasting brain cells...but if there’s a pattern, someone can find it! 

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Watch this and follow his steps for max money.

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