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Can't start FIB mission (stuck on port heist too)


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So like a lot of other people, I did flight school before the port heist and now I'm stuck on that. Some people said they fixed that by doing the FIB mission (blue B) with Michael. When I go there with Michael, it doesn't do anything at all. I've gone many times now, and at all times of the day. I've got with the other two characters and gotten the message about it being for Michael.

Has anyone had this problem? I've finished every single side mission available for all three characters and have nothing I can do until I can figure out how to start the FIB mission or the port heist...

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I'm stuck on the same part! Except, I never did the flight training mission...at least I don't think? I flew a plane with Trevor and landed on a dirt runway, but that's the only flying mission.




When I go to FIB as Michael, nothing happens! I just picked up the submarine with Trevor and I have been stuck for 2 days! I don't know if it's a glitch or if I have to restart the whole game!


I'm completely confused!


Let me know if you figure out anything broseph...

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just got the FIB mission started. the guy is up on the balcony. older dude wearing a tan jacket.


on the roof? I never saw a guy.


He's on the balcony at the back of the building. he's looking out over the city

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If your talking about the old country gas station with the clerk behind the counter then you have to go up to the 2nd floor, that's Trevor's safehouse and he should be up there taking a piss in the corner... literally.

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