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More I play it, the worse it gets.

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I disagree with all your points...

If you don't like the game just return it, no need to come here and bash the game.

I'm actually loving the driving physics, much more fun to drive than IV.

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1 (paragraph) : Its an 8 years old console. End of story.


2. I remember so many people yelling for bikes physics and mechanics in IV. And they were right. R* made it more arcady but more fun than frustrating. When you get used to it you will be fine. As for the riverse up i think you could do that to IV too. But eitherway, its a little mistake, DONT DO IT. Its so easy.


3. No stunds already. But i cant believe that the company that made IV stunds being so fan, ruined it in this game. I ll try and tell.


4. No patch needed. People have different taste. Most of people have great fun and love new driving.


5. Like this. Try not to die.

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What is the point of this thread? Are you trying to convince people that love the game that it's not good? This isn't the complaint department. Email Rockstar, nobody cares that you don't like the game. This game has brought back the magic that vice city and San Andreas had. If you don't like it you're not a GTA fan, simple as that.

The driving physics are even worse than San Andreas, what the hell is that? You can climb a mountain at 90º degrees with a f*cking bycicle without falling off, you can jump over 1000 ft with a bycicle and you won't fall. The driving is so arcade and the cars are tanks...


Eh...did you play SA? A bike could climb over basically anything as long as it wasn't perfectly vertical.



You can climb VERTICAL in GTA V. There was a video, but got deleted...

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