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Gta CreatureUK

opinions on these topics (Trains, liqour stores, Posing, seating etc)

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Gta CreatureUK

I have played GTA 5 for a good half a day now and even though I have just been doing missions so far I think GTA 5 is the greatest game of all time.


I am going to point out things I would like them to add or change or things I dislike


These topics maybe very POINTLESS to a lot of people but to me it would pretty awesome



I know it's not a big thing to people but to me it is. I loved driving trains on san andreas. On GTA 5 there isn't even any train stations. The freight trains NEVER stop. From what I have seen on the internet you cannot drive the train except for one particular mission. I would of atleast expected passenger trains which you can sit in.


With the trams I don't like how when you walk in you just stand there until it starts moving which then goes into a cinematic camera view. I would just love to simply get my character to sit down on the tram and for you to have a choice out of cinematic or not. My opinion I hate cinematic view points



Like I said I have only been doing missions and it may not even work until a certain mission but i have not seen one simple shop you can buy food in or rob the place. I know it is shown on the multiplayer trailer but I'd expect to be able to do it in single player? If anyone knows anything about how to find these shops or if there are even any please comment.


- SIMPLE POSES/SEATING (Like Red Dead multiplayer before game starts)

I would love to be able to interact with more things just to make it look more epic. Basic things such as seating on any seats, leaning on cars/walls. Kinda like in red dead redemption before a match begun all characters would be doing certain things like sitting on a bench smoking and another playing a guitar etc. Just these little things



I haven't used it much but I love the idea how you can take photos of yourself on the game, It would be cool if you could make the character do different emotions or funny faces.



I understand why rockstar would take this off as I guess to most people it's pretty pointless BUT I flipping hate Michael's wife. I think it would be pretty cool to add it back in but with more detail such as going on dates and doing these small mini games like the yoga they put in.




It would be great to hear other peoples opinions on these topics I have spoke about even if you think it is a complete waste of time.


I have no problems with the driving which A LOT of people are complaining about. People are saying it's not as great. I generally think it is the greatest game of all time. Something I have wanted for a very long time

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Regarding the Trains/Trams, and Liquor Store/ Shops, I agree.

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Michael has a wife and Trevor is undateable, but I think Franklin should have been able to be a player.


Then again, Franklin is already too much of a black stereotype.

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Oh and if your like meter is high enough you can date/go home with the strippers.

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You can rob liquor stores, gas stations and convenience store, just explore the map and you'll find them.


Totally agree with the sitting, leaning stuff. Would love to just lean at the end of the pier and watch the waves sit on a bench at a lookout and watch a storm or take a selfish of me leaning on the hood of a car.


Also, not sure if it's in or not but would really like hydraulics for cars to bounce through the ghetto

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