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OG Viking

The abyss


OG Viking

(I'm not sure if this is a "gameplay" topic or not so I post it in the general section.)


I fell into a bottomless black hell somewhere out there.


I used an undrowned Barracks as submarine, venturing on the ocean floor far south of Verona Beach. I headed South. The bottom became steeper and deeper, I drove carefully and saw something that looked like flat stony ocean floor ahead. At this point I had entered "San Andreas" and I'm unsure if the depth was still measurable with the Parachute (I had emptied my machine pistol allowing me to drive with Parachute equipped), it was not very dark. But as I enter the seemingly flat terrain, I realize that this is no ocean floor, I fall through it. I see the Barracks completely disappear and the camera is following it. The bottom of the hill is in reality the edge above an abyss. Everything becomes pitch black as I fall down this black hole and for the first time ever this game scared the sh*t out of me. But two seconds later CJ fell down near the control tower of LS International.


I know there are mods to remove all water from the game, what do you see when the ocean is gone? There's a deep trench somewhere in between Red County and Bone County that is supposed to be the deepest spot in the game, but this abyss seems to have no bottom.

Edited by OG Viking

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2 answers to this question

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GTA Phreak

The flat featureless sea bottom a bit of the coast isn't solid. So if you go through that you'll fall until -100 m. and then respawn back on dry ground.

There's a very deep spot between SF and the desert where the bottom is solid but below the -100m limit, so there you can get warped without falling through.

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Ye its just like if you fall thru a hole in the ground ( blue hell entrance etc. ) so you get underneath the map causing the game to warp/teleport back on surface/map ( else u just would kept falling and needed reset game ), since the ocean is like infinite ( mario64 stairs ) but the bottom aint ( atleast not solid ) so u fall thru but luckily you get warp/teleport back to surface instead of the ocean ( where u fell thru ). Hope this info helped you a little.

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