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GTAV Screenshots & Snapmatics

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The worst picture is this

Self explanatory topic title, what is your favourite picture ever taken on GTA V?   I'd have to go with this, it's beautiful.  

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I'll bet that guy with the sign has been shot 10 million times already. :colgate:


I wonder if Rockstar collects global aggregated stats like this on the entire player population activity? It would be a great database for psychology researchers to analyze and write papers about.

Edited by saintsrow
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And the teddy bear belongs to Wade's GF (not Trevor's daughter/ex-wife etc.). I know most of the people might not care, but the teddy bear in Trevor artwork was prolly this:



Edited by zainzombie
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I haven't gotten the error at all today so I was able to get a bunch of photos. Here are some:






As Trevor I put on this mask and I went on stealthy stabbing people with the knife. Here is me and my first victim.




Trevor near a bridge.




I was sniping people coming by and took a picture of this one accompanied by a guy in a truck. I tried to get the guy but he got away. :cry:



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This is somebody's license plate in the final mission. I won't spoil it for anybody.




A random shootout I experienced on Grove Street. It was Families vs. Ballas.






A selfie with the Vinewood Zombie.




Him on the phone.



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Took some photos before I got off.



I was on a mission, and someone got scared of the gunfire. So they ramped a dirt mound and landed in the back of Trevor's car.


Franklin's new life as an entrepenuer.




The ride down the mountain made my car flip and now I've lose it. I have to take a trip to the impound, now.


Trevor: CEO, Crossdresser

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Outstanding Thread, some of the pictures I've seen truely are Wallpaper material. There's a lot of people out there who know how to use their imagination.


Here's Bugetta in all her glory, shortly before taking her back home.




Gotta love the oldschool




Taking it to the water.




Peace and Tranquility




Taking in the view




Franklin found himself an old Tank




Franklin manages to Photobomb the Commander (Space Rangers)




The Commander didn't seem to care and so threw up a pose.




Amazing view on top of Mount Josiah




Early hours of the morning near the Paleto Forrest Freeway




Trevor... well, it's Trevor




Let me get that for you




Capture Device - HD PVR

Screenshot - Sony Vegas Pro 12

Photoshop - Borders

Some people already know how to disable the Radar / Map for that perfect screen shot, others don't, so here's how to do it.


While in game press Start, navigate over to settings, highlight Display, toggle Radar / HUD to off. It's pretty obvious how to turn it back on again :lol:

Edited by mrgrimezHD
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It's a shame they got rid of a load of trees but hey there the first trailer scene is


They haven't removed those trees. They were re-positioned. :facepalm:

Idiocy in these forums.

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