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GTAV Screenshots & Snapmatics


Recommended Posts

Franklin in the Mountains



Michael trying some family bonding.


love that 1st pic and dayumm, tracy got some tig o bitties

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i can't find the topic where we can post our modified cars. can someone please link it?

Edited by seveb
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plz stop the reserved thing (just crap) . and please post some shots . if you don't have shots then ..

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The Nefarious Jester

The only one I managed to get with all the R*SC outage



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The Nefarious Jester

It's a shame it doesn't store them to the hdd and allow you to re upload them when the service is working again.



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Why is everyone saying reserved


because they aer going to put the pictures in that spot later, which makes 0 sense, since people usually just go to the last page.

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when i take a photo in game does it automatically send it to my social club page online? and how do i check in-game if its going?

Edited by kb2084
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damn you people are dumb


users always go to the last page to see the pics, reserving posts is useless, you dumbf*cks

Edited by najstronics
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Iv taken a few pictures of the city scapes threw out the game.


every time it says saved the social club, but i cant find any where, where they might be.?


any help with this?

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