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GTAV Screenshots & Snapmatics

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Popular Posts

The worst picture is this

Self explanatory topic title, what is your favourite picture ever taken on GTA V?   I'd have to go with this, it's beautiful.  

Here are a few I've found or taken. I will not say which are which, however, to avoid bias.              

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my mac hearse.
rolling down the street driving bodies goin really slowly



Chrome Z Type. only way to roll.


This rob's liquor van was a bomb. you can imagine what happened to the two dudes.






OG LOC baby!


Flash FM!


(loads more of these - pastor richards, candy suxxx, kent paul... etc. check it out for yourselves if you haven't)





doublin' up


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Haha the top one when I found that guy I was playing as Trevor so I just had to shove him to his death


Also did you find the auto shotgun that's near him? If not go back have a look around also a baseball bat too

Edited by CaptainChronicV
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Aftermath of random freeway shootout between LSPD and some criminals.


Finally explored Mt Chiliad



Came across a scene from No Country For Old Men on the way down the mountain




Found some mariachi guys broken down on the side of the road


Modded out a pickup into a sweet offroad/Dakar truck



and FINALLY found a Futo! Modded it into a crazy Bosozuku drifter, this thing is so much fun



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All dressed up and nowhere to go!




Woke up to this. Pretty sure there was a minigun involved.




Back in town, Trevor's new rides.




Finally found the Vapid Surge!


And then this happened!




Goddamnit Trevor.

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Finally got my medal >>


Got 2 Kifflom cars >> the paint job is actually unique, I went to LS Customs to compare the blue shades and none are like it.


Michael car.




I customized Michael's daughters car as well, piff car tbh



In one of the Epsilon missions, this guy was taking the plane back & I clocked him stuck in a tree whilst driving lol

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@CaptainChronicV I didn't find the baseball bat. I will definetly go back and look for it!


@Toastybunz Extreme hate to you. I've been looking around for a week now and still can't find a Futo. It's my favorite car.

Edited by Gianchy
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One of the many cars I've customized. Initial D, anyone?

0_0.jpgHanging with the gang on Grove Street. This was after I finished Three Man Army.

Edited by Gauntlet Hair
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