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GTAV Screenshots & Snapmatics


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This is an Almost Raw image, only changes that have been made is that the colour has been touched up and there's no additional blur in this one that blurs out the buggy.

This was taken in the GTAOnline Special Cargo Mission where you have to use a buggy to clear the road and deliver bank robbers to a beach along the GOH (Great Ocean Highway)


This Screenshot was taken in the Buggy Special Cargo Mission in GTAOnline, This one is with an extra blur added that blurs out the buggy and focuses on the Moped Rider. JMWFugt.jpg

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Homeless man who fears nothing. I accidentally almost hit another guy with a car and he got scared and took off. This guy didn't even flinch.



Edited by HOONART
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Cutter De Blanc

Blast from the past


And then the magic....


Seems like the PS4 takes a slightly wider angle on the shot, so I couldn't get it perfect. Also I couldn't use director mode for this shot (wanted the vehicles in the shot) so I couldn't get the time of day exactly the same either. I set the weather to smog, but the clouds don't show up in the PS4 version. Might have been different weather.

Edited by Cutter De Blanc
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Nothing too special, only picked up GTAV Yesterday for the PC and have been playing around with Rockstar editor and Single player Mod menu to spawn Online cars into Single Player


First Screenshot, more to come when I've got time.


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Cutter De Blanc

Been using the Rockstar Editor to take pictures recently, don't know why I never did it before!

City In Lights

Praise the Sun!

Suspect Last Seen On Grove St.

Deal Gone Wrong?

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