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GTAV Screenshots & Snapmatics

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The worst picture is this

Self explanatory topic title, what is your favourite picture ever taken on GTA V?   I'd have to go with this, it's beautiful.  

Here are a few I've found or taken. I will not say which are which, however, to avoid bias.              

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Never seen this before. They usually just say a line of dialogue and hop out. I chose sympathy.


Seems like specific prostitutes will also remember Michael (this one did) since they refer to him by name,



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i take it that a lot of these pics are from pc player right? because i've never seen pics look so crisp even mine.


Most of it must be from PC.

My pictures are from PS4.





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Here's mine, But just to warn you, I'm not connected to Xbox Live and I'm scared to connect so well I had to take a picture of it on my Phone so well the quailty is crap.

(Photo taken on Old-Gen, Xbox 360 Elite)


Trevor and Ron.

Yeah that picture was really small.

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Here are some pictures of Franklin at the Los Santos International Airport Parking Lot.








Edited by UltraGizmo64
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Here my best car pic.... clean and professional.


if you put 19 photos you should put a spoiler this is not your personal blog ..

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Haven't uploaded one in a while, used some mods to improve the game. VETM Reshade is simply one of my favorites no doubt.





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