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GTAV Screenshots & Snapmatics


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The worst picture is this

Self explanatory topic title, what is your favourite picture ever taken on GTA V?   I'd have to go with this, it's beautiful.  

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Post your screenshots and selfies from around Los Santos & Blaine County here!

Photos taken with your in-game phone can be accessed through the Snapmatic app in the Social Club: Link

Got a capture card or similar? We'd love to see your high resolution screenshots too.

Get snapping!

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Pieczony Kurczak und Bier

LULZ I want selfshots in GTA with duckfaces! :D:D xD

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Reserved for my Sultan RS.

I don't know why people have reserved spot on P.1, people mostly click on the last page anyway.


We'll put your car back in the garage they said, it'll be fun they said...





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The reserved thing is pretty pointless, I'll have to remove them if they aren't filled up soon, giving it chance for now since I know Social Club has been up and down most of the day.


Couple of Snapmatics from me.








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The social club isn't working properly that's why ain't flooding with pics @gtafanny


EDIT: Also ill be posting some soon once it works guys, this game is stunningly beautiful.


Franklin :)




Edited by LaDispute
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Here are a few of my scenic shots.







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