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GTA V PS3 freezing. PLEASE HELP.


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So I was playing this absolutely magnificent game, and I get to the point where you unlock Trevor and i'm playing through the first mission, and it freezes. The only thing I can do is turn off my PS3 which beeps 3 times before it turns off. I then tried to go for a long and peaceful drive to Blaine County, encounter some trouble and get into a heated police chase which also causes it to freeze.


Anyone having this issue, anyone know how to fix it? this is f*cking killing me man, I got all these days off work and I cant even play the god damn thing :(

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The only thing I can do is turn off my PS3 which beeps 3 times before it turns off.

Hate to tell you this, but it sounds like its on its way to YLOD!


Is it a fat?


If I were you I would leave it off for a while fully unplug it, and leave it near an open window to cool down. Then when you turn it on next, find out which way the fans behind the vents go (blowing out or sucking in), I use a Rizzla... but any light paper will do i guess, as long as you can clearly see it either being sucked against or blown away from the vent..


Then once you have worked out what each vent is doing, position your PS3 for best air flow.


Sounds extreme but since LA Noire killed my first fat PS3 I have gone that bit further each use to put the PS3 where it gets best air flow, then putting it back to where it lives when done using it! So far the fat ive been doing this with has been fine through solid BF3 sessions and so far one solid GTA:V session!


Hope this helps and you manage to rescue your PS3 from what looks like the brink of a YLOD!



**edit** If it starts doing the 3 beeps then turn off every time you turn it on, it has gone over the brink and your only options are self repair (doing the gel on the processor thing) or just getting a new one.

Edited by blakeney
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