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Gta minimizes when it starts up



Hello, I just bought Grand Theft Auto IV and i installed it and everything and activated it, But when i start the game 2 applications open:
and the game

I click on the game then it goes in it but i see a black screen then it tabs me out, Please see my screencast i recorded

I can hear the music when it starts but its a black screen, Please help me!!! :( i just got the game.



support ticket: http://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/requests/950763

Please help i beg use!

Edited by shaza22

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3 answers to this question

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Capten Morgan

If its not a steam game y do you put the short-cut in STEAM folder..?


always put short cut on desktop..!

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Even if i move it to my dekstop it makes no difference,


Anyone else please help?


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Capten Morgan

nr 1- Where did you install the game..?

nr 2- do you start start the game from "launcher exe"...do not start game from GTA exe..!


And always shortcut on desktop....


Try this:


1. Uninstal


2. Clean the regist


3. reboot


4. make a new folder cal it for ex. My GTA , install the game in your new folder but dont start the game..!


5. take downn the latest patch 1.0.7 something, patc the game.


6. make a shortcut from LAUNCHER GTA to desktop.


7. play from desk.



Try this and god luck..


of to get my GTA 5 now, :cool:

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