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Regarding rich people on GTA

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I was just reading a thread on stocks, making money (in GTA, obviously....)

And was wondering if the "wealthy" players will stick out in online gameplay?

Whether it be the car they drive, the house they have, or the clothes they wear.

Will it almost replicate (in the most simplistic way possible) a real economy/living classes, for people online?

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Except everyone has the exact same opportunities to get rich through similar effort.


I've also seen some people claiming they want to live simple lives in GTA: Online as opposed to the high life. I've seen a few comments from people saying they'll just live off in some trailer or something way out of town, driving simple cheap vehicles, and I've seen the other end of that as well, people looking forward to living it up with cash and style.


I support both types of choices, it adds to the fun.

Edited by tre288

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I doubt it man. Maybe for the first couple weeks, the guy who has a mansion and all the nicest cars will stick out. But it won't take long for most people to afford all the luxary sh*t that will make you look wealthy.


The big difference is going to be people who are actually rich, and people who look rich. There will be people with millions (even billions) in the bank, and then there will be people without a cent to their name with the nicest sh*t the game has to offer.


I'm personally hoping for some cosmetic items or titles to show off your wealth. Like once your bank hits a certain amount you get a title. That way if you play the stock market right and have crazy amounts of money in the bank you have a way to flaunt it if you want.



Personally I'm trying to get a little cabin/trailer out in the woods, a sanchez and a cruiser motorcycle, and just stack up money I get from heists in the bank. I'm not gunna be flaunting it :cool:

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I'm sure people will do exactly how they do in real life, buy what they can afford, and blow all their money on things they can barely afford. So just because you see someone rolling around in a Comet or something doesn't mean they'll have enough to go get another one in the case that the one they are driving is somehow lost.


I think you'll see people who are more concerned about what car they have having a nice car, and either no house to live in or some shanty.


You'll have people who live modestly in a medium sized house with an economical car who buy and sell things as they are comfortable moving up in luxury/performance etc


Then you'll have the people who drive sh*t can cars, live in sh*t can houses and have the latest and greatest in firearms.


Probably see a lot of people with a single "toy" whether it be a speed boat, a personal plane, you name it.

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Woah, awesome responses. Thanks!

Hard to believe, but you guys are right. People will buy the toys and be homeless in the game LOL.

It would be cool if there were items that you couldn't steal and could only be bought as a true measure of your wealth, so basically titles but in a physical sense.


And to be honest, I'm probably just going to rob people blind to get money. Not sure how well it will work but it is the grimiest/ easiest way.

Edited by GoonOnFire

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I like the fact that there won't be.


It'll make someone prove their measure through their work ethic, whether that be legitimate or illegitimate

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