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Browser Issue

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For the record, the current computer I'm on isn't the computer with the issue.


I asked a couple of my friends in the Gangs section, but I figured I'd get a more likely solution here...


The problem is that my desktop computer (which is wirelessly connected to a Belkin N+ router) cannot run browsers connected to the internet... I can play online games and communicate with people real time, so I don't think that the problem is the connection... My computer is slightly slower, but I think that's from the browser issue also... Whenever I open my browsers, the toolbars don't load and the homepage barely loads. If I click an external link or type a URL and hit enter, the loading process is excruciatingly long and there's a good chance that I'll get an error message telling me that it's no longer responding. I've tried on all three of my browsers to recieve the same response, it's a Windows 7 so it shouldn't have that many issues... The most probable advice I've had so far is to download Microsoft Security Essentials, but even then I'm still uncertain if I'll be able to get on the webpage to download it. I'm just trying my best to fix this issue before V comes out (or GTAO) so that I can use my computer while I play V for my 360. Is there any way I can solve this without doing a full blown systems recovery that won't mean I won't be able to access or use my computer?


Thank you in advance.


Edit: I also have a music program (spotify) that I use on occasion, although on my taskbar I'm being indicated that I have an active internet connection, that program also sometimes indicates to me that it's in offline mode. Not sure if that'll help any but it's an extra detail.


Edit 2: I was also advised to uninstall my chrome, I mostly use firefox, so should I or would it not make a difference?

Edited by MIDEVL

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