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hoskins bobish

GTA EFLC Soundtrack help!

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hoskins bobish

Hey guys, first time posting on this site (I think?)

Anyway here goes:


Basically I've been trying to collect all the GTA Radio from all the past games to load onto my 360 so I can listen to it when I play GTA V (!!33 hours now!!) :rampage::panic::lol:


I've managed to get nearly all of it however I'm having trouble with a few of the soundtracks.. Basically I need to get LCS, VCS & the EFLC soundtracks but I can only find them in two forms:


- As huge gamerip single tracks (i.e: 1 station is a huge hour long track)




- As playlists people have compiled out of original versions of the tracks that appear ingame but minus the hilarious adverts and DJ banter.


I just want to find versions that appear as individual tracks which you can skip through, but also have the Adverts and DJ banter intact.


Looked all over the place but not having much luck, if anyone on here can point me in the right direction or help me out I'd be massively appreciative!


Cheers :D

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I am trying to do it now.
I will update this list as more become available.


(Radio Stations Folder):


Double Clef FM:

Flashback FM:

Head Radio:



Liberty Jam FM:

Lips 106:

MSX 98:

Radio Del Mundo:

Rise FM:




(Radio Stations Folder):


Emotion 98.3:

Flash FM:

Fresh 105 FM:

Paradise FM:

Radio Espantoso:




Wave 103 (EU):




(Radio Stations Folder):


Integrity 2.0:

K109 The Studio:

Liberty City Hardcore:

Liberty Rock Radio:

Radio Broker:

RamJam FM:

San Juan Sounds:

Self-Actualization FM:

The Beat:

Vice City FM:

Vladivostok FM:



Edited by UltraGizmo64

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hoskins bobish

ahh amazing!! thanks so much mate, I think the links might have messed up though, I can only see the Double Cleff one but that's all top quality mate! :D

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