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Why did Rockstar lie about interiors? There's barely any in GTAV.

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Anyone find any interiors yet? Please respond if so.


I saw you can buy the Ten Cent Movie Theater for $20,000,000 but sh*t, dunno where I'm going to get that much money this early in the game. Only 25% complete.

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if you seriously expected the game to have like 100 enterable buildings, then you're just a gullible moron

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Finish more of story line and you'll unlock stuff. It was confirmed that theres at least 100 hours of gameplay, is it story line or not, dont know.

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There is more to this game than interiors you whiny sluts.


The game looks amazing just sit down and appreciate the gorgeous f*cking game.


No, f*ck you. Rockstar claimed there would be a lot of interiors in one of the interviews, I believe the GameInformer one. Either they're unlockable or Rockstar are liars.



Not denying your post or what you claim but you and your tone sound 12



Great! Too bad I am 22 yrs old but what's that got to do with it? Everyone get's frustrated. I don't like people who barge into a thread and suck Rockstar's cock and say "OH YOU WHINY SLUTS HAR HAR SIT THE f*ck DOWN" - are you sure I am the one that sounds 12? Not the guy calling people whiny sluts and telling them to sit down?


Interiors is a real gripe me and many others have with the game and this is the thread to discuss it. If you don't like it then you can leave the thread pal.



Even your PC would throw a fit if all the interiors were enter-able, what chance would the consoles have?

As long as they leave mission based interiors unlocked after you have completed them, then I will be happy.

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