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Recommended Posts


Civil warriors

join for war - join for peace

The Civil Warriors are looking to expand and create an unstoppable force of elite warriors and savvy leaders. Aggressive expansion is underway and I am looking for the best and the brightest to lead a team that will take the GTA V world for storm. We are a social and active crew.

If you want to join as muscle, shoot me a message. Below are the openings for Commissioners and Lieutenants.


Chief Commissioner (CC)

Requirements: - Be an avid GTA player

- Be 18+ or older

- Leadership qualities and similar gaming experience

- Be able to play GTA V for at least 10 hours per week

Duties: - Oversee the Human Resources, Communication and Public Relation departments.

- Oversee and assess all lieutenants.

- Hire, promote and manage all representatives.

- Communicate with Leader effectively.

- Act as Leader in the absence of the Leader

- Assess the overall state of the crew and aid in its progress.

- Recruit and refer Lieutenants to the Leader

- Oversee all online interaction of the Civil Warriors.

- Lead and plan all social activities for crew members.

Power: - Promote/denote all crew members.

- Second in Command

- Act as Leader of Civil Warriors in absence of Leader


Executive Operations Commissioner (EOC)

Requirements: - Be an avid GTA player

- Be 16+ or older

- Leadership qualities and similar gaming experience

- Be able to play GTA V for at least 10 hours per week

Duties: - Oversee the lieutenants the following departments: Weaponry, Missions and Strategy

- Aid in the successful progress of Civil Warriors on the leaderboard.

- Manage finance and budget in terms of pay distribution and crew revenue (if applicable)

- Hire, promote and manage all new muscle to the crew.

- Strategically plan and lead all major missions.

Power: - Remove any officer who is not performing to standard.

- Declare rivalries and alliances for the crew.

- Acts as Chief Commissioner in the Chief Commissioner’s absence.

- Determine division of pay



Lieutenants must be at least 16 years old with relative gaming experience. Lieutenants will also be assigned a group of specialists depending on their area of expertise.

Weapons Lieutenant (WL):

Lead mini-heists and missions while reporting to the EOC about the status of the weapon inventory.

Hire/promote (from muscle) weapons specialists.

Next Step: Executive Operations Commissioner


Strategy Lieutenant (SL):

Work with Weapons Lieutenant and ECO to plan major missions. Help prepare and major missions. Hire/promote (from muscle) mission specialists.

Next Step: Weapons Lieutenant


Ambassador (AA):

Reach out to other crews in regards to allying and maintain and report rivalries to the ECO. Hire/Promote a rivalry specialist and an alliance specialist.

Next Step: Executive Commissioner of Operations, CIT


Human Resources Lieutenant (HRL):

Determine and suggest promotions in the muscle, lieutenant and representative field. Oversee all conflicts within the Civil Warriors. Makes referrals to Chief Commissioner in regards to who to hire and makes offers to potential candidates for membership. The HRL also evaluates the performance of all representatives and reports it to their respective lieutenants. May promote 2 external recruiters (one specializing in analyzing other crews), 1 internal recruiter and 3 talent managers (responsible for assessing work of muscles).

Next Step: Chief Commissioner


Communications Lieutenant (CL):

Is the primary contact for all information that needs to be distributed to the Civil Warriors. The CL is also responsible for promoting the crew on GTA forums and sites on a regular basis. The CL can hire two communications representatives.

Next Step: Human Resources Lieutenant


Training Lieutenant (TL):

A TL does not have an area of expertise but is the right hand person for the Chief Comissioner. The CC will train and develop the TL until they are assigned an area of expertise. Training lieutenants also plan all extracurricular activities.



If you are interested in a position, my username is vancevonstinson and my email is [email protected]. Introduce yourself, we can get to know each other and start working on making the Civil Warriors # 1!



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