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Top 3 Most Overplayed Songs

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I know some of you guys have some songs that you play most of the time and repeat it as well. Maybe some of your overplayed songs go well beyond 100 plays already. So what's the 3 most overplayed songs that go well beyond 100 plays?


Mine would be Radio Ga Ga, which today currently just reached 402 plays, next Hall of Fame 349 plays and I Want to Break Free 347 plays.

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I can't give you the 3 exact songs because I go changing the songs I heard over and over, mostly depending on the mood I am, what do I want to listen or just being lazy to choose another song.


Sometimes I can play Crüe's Wild Side the half afternoon while I do some work, some others, like and a couple weeks ago I had ZZ Top's I Need You Tonight the whole days. One of the songs I can hear the all the time without getting tired of it is Ratt's Nobody Rides For Free (dat solo <3, well, actually dat song...). I used to play it a lot while I was studying the final exams, before the summer. And when feel kinda down I can hear over and over Alice in Chain's Rooster.

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1) Ratatat - Bustelo (458 plays)



2) Muse - Nishe (335 plays)



3) Radiohead - Talk Show Host (332 plays)



All three of these songs share similar styles too. They're chill, soothing, cool, and what I'd call "blue feeling". Love the style of these three. :ph34r::ph34r:

Edited by Trinette

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Shyabang Shyabang

Her song was on the radio many many times:



Edited by Shyabang Shyabang

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According to iTunes, the song with the highest play count is:

Not surprising as I listen to this all the time. When I exercise, work, chill, whatever. A few other songs came close (especially similar songs in my workout playlist) but I just can't stop listening to this one, it's awesome!! Not getting tired of it yet :)

Another song I listen to almost every day when I exercise, is this one, which came in second:

These type of songs will always be the most played on my playlist I guess...

3rd is a local one :inlove:





Edited by Werebot85

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anything any everything by DMB (Dave Matthews Band) Damn I hate clear channel all they play is DMB (At least KBCO)

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B Dawg

Currently overplayed are these 3 songs, it was hard to get them out of my head (except for the At The Gates song)







Edited by DarkKingBernard

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