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Comparison GTA V to Midnight Club LA physics

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The amount of underaged social rejects in this forum scares me. The driving mechanics in GTA V are even similar to one of the most sucessful racing games of all time, Need for Speed Underground (go watch some footage of it, and you will see what I mean).


You must be really fun at parties.



I love how you say you have a functional brain yet you use "an" before "user". Lmao



It's actual "an user"... because it's a "u".


Anyway, I can handle some level of arcade, but this is just too much. It strongly reminds me of Test Drive Unlimited 2, that was by far my biggest let down of all times regarding games.


I don't know about you, but I haven't purchased NFS since NFSU2...


I do have countless of hours in GT5 though.

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It would seriously suck if GTA V has midnight club physics!!!!!!! I can not control such physics because it's too twitchy and tailhappy. I doesn't give me control over the car. :( !!!

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I can't believe people are complaining about GTA having gameplay from a dedicated driving game. Did any of you ever play GTA before IV?

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