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How can i install multiple car mods in one time? HELP PLZ

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Hey guys,


I can't figure out how to install multiple car mods in one time. It is a file with like 30maps in it and a total size of 1.2gb. These 30maps are titled as car brands. In these maps are like 5 car rar. files.


Now i know you can install mods by using SAMI, but then i have to install every car by hand.


So my question is, how can i make this easyer? I really dont want to manually click for like 100/150 cars

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Your point is to install all cars in gta3.img at once? Try to use Crazy IMG Editor.

Click here : http://www.gamemodding.net/en/gta-san-andreas/gta-sa-programms/828-gta-san-andreas-crazy-img-editor.html


EDIT : I found a better link.


Okey i know i can search for a cars name in the gta3.img to replace it, But that does not make it any easyer. Still te same procedure as with SAMI, Do you know what file i have to search for and how to replace it so i can move them all at once?

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These are steps to install all files at once. Make sure you have backup files for gta3.img.
1. First, extract the files to your Rockstar Games folder (not GTA San Andreas folder)
2. Second, open the Crazy IMG Editor, select file > open > gta3.img (in models folder)

3. Third, click commands > add file with replacement > and select all files in Rockstar Games folder usually by drag all files (that will make you to replace all files at once)
4. Fourth, wait for the replacement progress (if it's more than 10 files, you've to wait)

5. Fifth, if it's done than click file > rebuild archive (it's necessary)
6. Sixth, rebuild archive will take much time as it's rebuild 1 GB datas (usually 3 minutes or more)
7. If all things has been done, then close the aplication.

Hope it's helped you for modding!

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