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steam version graphic issues - glitched vehicle reflections/light sour

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been having some odd issues. the distinctive pseudo-reflections/cel shading on SA's vehicles seems to be glitched/lacking proper adjustment for car position/camera position, vehicles and pedestrians don't receive all light sources (of the ones they should), random parts of the environment don't receive any lighting (particularly one train tunnel just south of san fierro), and i get distance fog glitches where i can see plates of vertically stacked polygons that should otherwise appear blended.

is this a version 3.0 issue or did i screw something up? win 7 related? i did use a save editor for one save, but even starting a new game i get these issues. did also use a 1.01 resolution modded exe briefly before i gave it up. here are a few screenshots:


in the first you can see the position the cel shading has settled, where it basically remains regardless. you can also see that the bumper and side skirt additions don't match the rest of the car even though theoretically they all have the same color, which means not all parts of the car are receiving uniform lighting/shading. you can also kinda see that the tunnel is messed up.

the second screen is the interior of that same tunnel. the elegy should be in some shadow but instead is brightly lit or, probably more accurately, not lit by the envronment at all

third is again some vehicle lighting issues and possible terrain lighting issues, though that may just be a quirk of the vertex lighting

lastly you can see that single piece of staircase that's not being lit

any ideas?

Edited by indiarubber

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San Andreas issues. AFAIK, those haven't been fixed, except for the vehicles which are missing specular lighting. Uranus is one of them, and it's the cause of the different colors of the car and tuning parts.


This mod should fix the vehicles with faulty specular lighting:


I can't guarantee if you need to downgrade your game to be able to mod it, but in-case you do, don't blame me. :p

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