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GTA Forums Racing League (PS3)


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GTA Forums Racing League

Welcome to the GTA Forums Racing League for GTA Online. Starting soon after GTA Online's release, Arrive with your assortment of vehicles, modified or unmodified and compete throughout the season to become champion and win in game prizes. Each race will take part every Sunday over numerous stages, each one differing in terrains and regions. The competition will be made up of 8 teams and will run on a first come first serve entry system.

Sign up for the first Season is now open! Team names and logos are a must, you an create them in the Social Club crew creator. You can have as many team members as you wish, though it is 2 per race. So sort your teams out, save up some online cash and sort your cars out.

For Xbox 360 users that are interested, please PM me if you would like to run the event for your console, or start your own.

Events Schedule


Next Race

9726380893_e55bb062bb_m.jpg Date: TBA Information: A simple circuit containing fast, sweeping bends and long straights.



Team Name Members Points

Placeholder Racing Mr. Placeholder 0

Mrs. Placeholder

Example Racing Mr. Example 0

Mrs. Example



- Do not hesitate to report misconduct to me or any other Racing League staff.
- All events are recorded and all reports will be looked over.
1.) In order to enter the league, you must have a racing team (crew) that is active on Social Club.
2.) The team must be made up of at least 2 members. There is no limit on how many members you may have.
3.) A team name and logo (emblem) is a must.
4.) An in game entry fee must be paid before entering the event. More details on this after release.
1.) The vehicle you choose is up to you, however some events may be focused on a certain type of vehicle.
2.) you have free reign on how you modify your car, aesthetically or performance wise.
1.) 2 contestants from your team must be available for each race.
2.) Car contact is allowed, however blatant and repeated ramming of other players will see you and possibly your team banned from the event.


The competition takes place over 40 events spread between 4 stages. 2 Events will take place every Sunday making the season last 20 weeks. It's a light commitment but a commitment none the less. Changes may still be made on how the course of the season plays out.
Sign Up

If you and your crew are interested in participating in the event, simply leave the link to your crew page in a PM to me or a post in thread.
Scoring is yet to be worked out. A points system will be in place, earned individually by racers. Two champions will be named at the end of the season, one for the Team with most points and one for the player with the most points.
Small in game cash prizes will be awarded to the 1st place contestant of each event. For the end of each stage the top three players will be awarded larger cash prizes.
For the end of the season, very large sums of cash will be awarded to the champion team and runner up teams. Other prizes will include custom modified cars from Bricked.

All details here to be finalised.

Financing (Via Bricked)
Financing is available from us at Bricked. If you'd like help to get that next engine part or muffler tip or even a whole custom tuned vehicle tailor made made for your team. we can sort you out. Details on how this will work will come after release.
Also, you can seek financing and sponsorships from any third parties.

Spectating and Betting
Anyone can spectate the races through a livestream I'll hold. A betting system will be set up for anyone to take part in. Details are very scarce on this for the time being.


Feel free to post any questions in the thread or PM me on what ever you'd like to know about the Racing League.
All details are subject to change.

Edited by ainsz
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Nice idea bro, hope you stick to it!


GTA V will be all about Races and DM's when it comes to competitive modes!


But i have to remove those pics as they are spoilers, just until Tuesday.

Edited by AndyGanteks


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Thanks man, adding more and more each day. Titles and descriptions for a lot of tracks are now up.


No problem about removing the pics.

Edited by ainsz
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  • 2 weeks later...

Sign ups for the first season are now open! Please PM me or leave post in the thread containing a link to your Crew page if you'd like to take part.

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