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Calibrate Joysticks on PS3 Controller?

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I have a used/"like new" PS3 "DualShock" controller (Sony OEM), that I use on a backup system, and doesn't get used very often. I've been using the PS3 since about 2009 and have never seen a problem like this.


I've tried to Google the issue, but it seems no one quite understands the definition of 'calibrated', or they're referring to something else.


Simply put, my left analog stick 'leans' to the right. In TLaD, my bike drifts into the walls if I don't constantly adjust, and the Annihilator flies around in circles.


Is there some sort of reset or calibration system for this? Either hardware controlled, or through the XMB? Haven't seen an option for it anywhere, but I'll browse through the XMB again while waiting for a response.


Thanks in advance. :)

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You can try this here:

Edited by Trund

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Something similar happened to me yesterday while playing GTA5 on PS3. I had turned on the motion sensitive controls for bikes and whenever i accidentally tilted the controller, my bike did the same thing as yours. Soon as I switched motion controls off, things were back to normal. I havent played gta4 on ps3 so im not sure if yours is the same issue but I bet it most likely is.

Edited by dodeca

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I have had problems on Playstation 3 while playing minecraft. My Brother would always complain his joycon on his playstation 3 Dualshock was wandering. Hope we can fix that or might just have to buy a new controller. Trying to avoid that option really. :(

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