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Missions Bug

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Hello to everybody.


I have a car pack on my IV, but on some missions, cars stay stuck in/on the road and destroy themselves. Like in the 1st mission of Derrick McReary, we gotta follow "BUCKY SLIGO" to his house, but in my game he has a Ford F150 Raptor, and when the pursuit launches, half of the car is under the road, so the car destroy itself and mission fails.


Any fix ?


Thank you by advance.

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Please help

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Only way is to remove the car pack.

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What probably happened is you replaced a 4 door car with a 2 door so the mission breaks. Had that happen also, think it was the Sultan, but the guys would roll up and 3 would get out, only problem is that only 2 showed up after I put the 2 door in, so the mission would not go on because the 3rd bad guy was not there. No indication other than I remember that, replaced it with 4 door to fix, and bam mission fixed. There is also a mission with a box truck, if you replaced that with a car/truck etc something similar would happen that you describe. You just need to replace original vehicles.ide and figure out what you replaced if you don't know, then make sure that vehicle has matching # of doors, may have to get past that mission, then replace your vehicles file with the modded one again.

Edited by Rocket7575

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