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Los Santos Kid

GTA V through Amazon

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It's already been confirmed that online retailers wont be shipping games before the 16th, so you definitely wont be playing before release day. If you paid for first class delivery then you'll receive it on the 17th, if not then you'll probably receive it after that date.

Its been CONFIRMED multiple times Amazon Uk will ship on the 14th. GO ask Amazon Livechat and ask them to check your individual order number and they tell you what it says for you order.


I'd like to think that it will be dispatched on Saturday, but then I found this reply from Amazon to a persons question about shipping...


"Thank you for your inquiry! Most orders ship the next business day after you place your order. For standard ground, transit usually takes 4-6 business days after leaving our warehouse. For expedited shipping, trasit takes 2-3 business days after leaving the warehouse. Please note that delivery carriers do not pick up or deliver on weekends so delivery and transit days are only Monday - Friday. Please feel free to call our customer service team if you have any additional questions, they will gladly assist you in making the proper arrangement so your gift will arrive at it's destination in time."


Here is the link:





Amazon wil ship 14th in UK.

Royal mail will not hold back postage in the UK once it comes in.



I ordered the game and guide on the 10th, first class delivery for free and signed up for prime to get the guide for *free

It says it will arrive on Tuesday, but hasn't been dispatched... lol, only following the rules on my order :p

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OP is wrong.


I have the Special edition preordered on Amazon with 2 day shipping, and it started shipping an hour ago today. This is happening to many others as well. It will be shipped by tonight

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