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Post your emergency vehicle photos

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Wish i had my camera when i saw these vehicles recently:

13895795594_35ce8ce862.jpgOhio State Highway Patrol Ford Explorer #1213 by Seluryar, on Flickr

(rare-ish vehicle to the area)


13895438303_f44dc3d92b.jpgBrimfield Ohio Police Ford Crown Victoria by Seluryar, on Flickr


13842391484_b42f9ac748.jpgCoventry Fire Department Medic #1611 by Seluryar, on Flickr


and new photo of Akrons newest fleet addition:

13768052023_313a47d93a.jpgAPD Ford Taurus #14 by Seluryar, on Flickr

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Nice shots! Don't you ever have problems when taking pictures at cop cars while they are on duty?

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Nice shots! Don't you ever have problems when taking pictures at cop cars while they are on duty?

I have never been seriously question, just a mild "are you from the newspaper" here and there, I am honest and tell them that it is a hobby of mine. I make sure not to photograph officers enforcing the law(writing tickets and stuff like that). I also believe that persons being ticketed or arrested are entitled to their privacy, so I never shoot them, But if given the chance, I would blur out their face a little.


The Hudson motorcycle shot in my last post, the officer was in the process of taking off his helmet, I quickly asked him if I could get a shot of him with his bike and he obliged :)


I have come across some police officers and firefighters who did ask that I dont photograph them or they offer to let themselves get out of the way of the vehicle I am shooting.

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Opel Insignia OPC

From the Guardia Civil



Edited by SouthLand

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here is a small preview of what i am getting ready to post itt:

14221592423_9d1fe4d946_b.jpgSea of Lights by Seluryar, on Flickr

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t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m




Sorry for the blurry photos. I'll post some of the Arkansas State Police Dodge Chargers and county sheriff vehicles next time.

Edited by Yolo Swaggins

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Xl anthrax lX

These are Springdale, Arkansas police cars as well as Washington county cars and a few other local towns.












Edited by Xl anthrax lX

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OMGOMGOMG! It was a good morning for police cars in my city:

Walking home from the bank this morning, I spotted something that needed photographed, I got home as quickly as possible to grab my camera, here is the results of my morning grabs:

14302300391_af550894e5_c.jpgSpringfield Police Dodge Charger #462 by Seluryar, on Flickr


Almost didnt walk all the way to the top of the hill to see this:

14302300991_511a018747_c.jpgSummit County Sheriff Chevrolet Caprice #551 by Seluryar, on Flickr

The above vehicle has been eluding me for quite a long time.


Walking back from seeing the Caprice, I spotted a police vehicle from an agency that I havent been able to photograph:

14325833053_488334319b_c.jpgCuyahoga Falls Ford Crown Victoria #7 by Seluryar, on Flickr


It was a good morning.

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There was a serious fire a few doors down from my apartment this morning, that meant lots of fire trucks would show up!


14332239572_7a665b8c66_c.jpgAFD Pierce Ladder L9 by Seluryar, on Flickr


14333952835_49463c1388_c.jpgAFD Pierce Engine E9 by Seluryar, on Flickr


14147450297_7f8677f4d3_c.jpgAFD Haz Mat Chevrolet 2500HD by Seluryar, on Flickr


14147295548_b45f7f71bf_c.jpgAFD Medic 3 GMC Ambulance by Seluryar, on Flickr


14332242752_a2c822d6c0_c.jpgAFD Sutphen E2 by Seluryar, on Flickr


14332243812_fa48ba626a_c.jpgAFD Battalion 2 Ford Expedition Scene Commander by Seluryar, on Flickr


14330618111_eae672a0ce_c.jpgAFD Sutphen L4 by Seluryar, on Flickr


14354149933_594a60b6fd_c.jpgAFD Sutphen Engine E4 by Seluryar, on Flickr


14333958755_1e49eccdf5_c.jpgAFD Pierce Engine 609 by Seluryar, on Flickr


14333223134_a1cb608775_c.jpgAFD Pierce E7 by Seluryar, on Flickr


14332247302_afccbcac0e_c.jpgUAPD Ford F-150 by Seluryar, on Flickr


14147296149_366ea0611d_c.jpgView down S. Main by Seluryar, on Flickr

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G's Ah's

These are what police cars used to look like in New Zealand. First pic is mine and the rest are not:




Police cars came in two colours: blue and orange and blue and yellow. Yellow was for traffic and orange was for general duties although they've been standardized now.




This is basically what all the cars look like now. Police use Holden Commodores for all their patrol cars, save for 4X4 vehicles, which are Holden Colorado's or Holden Captiva's. Vans are a mix of Hyundai ICargo's/H1's, Mercedes Sprinert and Volkswagen LT and Crafter models.


And for the final police, here's a K9 unit:



Below are the fire trucks that serve my city. Below is currently the oldest pump that's currently in service with the city's fire brigade. It is a 1995 Scania P93M.




This is our aerial unit; a 2005 Scania P420. It has a 17 meter ladder.




The next is a 1998 Scania P94DB, which originally served in Wellington and now serves here.




My city also has two volunteer stations in addition to the one permanently staffed station. Each station has two trucks, most of which are these 2010 Iveco Eurocargo ML120EC25.




We also have a bush fire fighting truck, a liasion/executive vehicle and a HAZMAT/combined command unit based on a DAF CF.


And to finish, an example of what ambulances in NZ look like:



About 90% of ambulances in New Zealand are run by the Saint John Ambluance services which is a for-profit charity contracted by each individual district health board save for Wellington. All Saint John ambulances are painted in this white, yellow and green scheme. However, from this year, all these ambulances will now be painted yellow with green battenburg markings similar to what is in use in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Edited by MichaelW

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Ari Gold

The previous page had photos of some of the police cars used in Victoria. These aren't my photos but I'm going to add a few more:


The new Holden Commodore VF Victoria Police patrol car (the VF went for sale last June/July, so slowly within the next year or so, as the older VEs reach their mileage limit, all patrol cars will be VFs).




The new VF Commodore in Highway Patrol livery:




However, most Highway Patrol cars are still VEs. Personally, these are some of my favourite police vehicles I've seen around anywhere in the world; they're, on one hand, colourful and stick out like a sore thumb, and on another are intimidating enough (I think that has more to do with some of the officers who drive them...) to make you be very, very wary about your driving (especially if you see them driving around at night, or when you see them hiding behind a bush on the side of the road).





Flashing lights!








A Ford Falcon XR6 Highway Patrol car; the second-most used HP car after the Holden.





I saw this exact Jeep down at the beach in January (I'm pretty sure it's the only one used by VP; there wouldn't be more than a couple). I think it's more used as a general purpose/"show" vehicle rather than as a enforcer of traffic laws.





Another unique one: saw this parked once in the CBD and, given it's been shown off at a car shown, I imagine it'd also be as rare as the Jeep.





Unfortunately, most of the time I see these cars I'm behind the wheel of a vehicle... and I wouldn't want to go through the irony of losing my licence for a month by using my phone to take a picture of a Highway Patrol car before he books me for distracted driving. If I see them as a passenger/pedestrian, I'll be sure to take a few snaps and share them in here (I want to try and grab a few shots of an unmarked car).

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make total destroy


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Here are some photos of Croatian police vehicles


















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Some bikes:


Guardia Civil







Guardia Civil Racing Team



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I'd use my pic for this but it's on my old phone(that's quite dead) so i'll use a pic i got from online instead. it's the exact same car i saw though, and the Edmonton police take it to the raceway and drag race it there. 72' Plymouth Duster.

Edited by 79'Blazer4x4

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Some from last weekend:


15091082881_37744f3b29_z.jpgColumbia Township Fire Department Tanker #213 by Seluryar, on Flickr


15093741992_eae15e650d_z.jpgCuyahoga County Sheriff SWAT Lenco Armored Truck by Seluryar, on Flickr


14907416999_0999953804_z.jpgCleveland Police Bomb Squad Ford F-650 by Seluryar, on Flickr


15091087821_7ac0438610_z.jpgCleveland Police Bomb Squad Trailer by Seluryar, on Flickr


14907548707_16661850e9_z.jpgCleveland Police Bomb Squad Chevrolet C4500 by Seluryar, on Flickr


15071096196_9f209e1c31_z.jpgCleveland RTA Transit Police Polaris by Seluryar, on Flickr


14907419769_acec214a70_z.jpgCleveland Police Ford Crown Victoria K9 #8270 by Seluryar, on Flickr


and some from today:

14981857219_1c3481fe9d_z.jpgBrecksville Police Ford Taurus #20 by Seluryar, on Flickr


14981931510_e8d903a968_z.jpgUS National Parks Police Chevrolet Tahoe #0446M by Seluryar, on Flickr


14981935650_042df87431_z.jpgPeninsula Police Chevrolet impala #2 by Seluryar, on Flickr


14981874069_ef29d5be1b_z.jpgPeninsula Police Ford Taurus #3 by Seluryar, on Flickr


Today was my first time seeing a US Parks Police Ranger vehicle in person and I hope to see the other types that are located locally, I do know that they have some Chargers near here

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