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Gta5 Youtube search.


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I just made a search for "gta5" and filtered for videos uploaded in the last hour. Apparently this turns back 0 results. Anyone else think this is a indicator of something?

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Or try dailymotion.



Just tried now - and there's nothing on there of any interest. Just the trailers. Try them though, they seem to be more relaxed than youtube are about taking stuff down.

Edited by Saliva
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Hmm weird indeed


There should be sh*tload of GTA V videos every several minutes showing the map etc, but the latest GTA V related vid is from hour ago


Maybe they are deleting every map leak video, because I don't think there's any leaked gameplay

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I want to see the map and a little bit gameplay, stop being such dicks R*, let the people post their sh*t. :lol::cookie:

Edited by marcx
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Rockstar is indeed watching Youtube and they have been since the leaks last month. I remember seeing the TV shows/commercials on Youtube for short amounts of time. I found the full Pisswasser commercial on there and quickly downloaded it. I'm not going to spoil whats in it but I can tell you its hilarious and much, much better than the one from GTA 4.


If you happen to find leaked content on Youtube, don't link it on the forums. Be respectful to Rockstar, as they don't want the game leaked and spoiled for those who want everything to be fresh when they first start up the game.

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45 minutes ago there were like 5 or 6 videos on the search thing... 30 minutes ago i refreshed and they all disappeared.

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